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August 29th, 2013

Breaking Beta: The Walter White Transformation


Have you heard of Breaking Bad, the hit TV show? I’m sure you have. I had heard of it for years, but not being one to be swayed by popular culture, I chalked it up to social hype and skipped ever watching it, until Dagonet from The Quest For 50 urged me to watch it. One night before prepping to hit the town, he stated “Just watch the pilot; trust me, you’re going to like it”. That was two weeks ago, and in that short time span, I watched all previous seasons and snagged the latest season episodes off the web *cough cough*, and am now caught up with the rest of the world.

When we meet Walter White, in the pilot episode, it’s clear that he is a beaten down, pussy whipped, middle aged man, living the ‘American Dream’, of a family, a modest suburbian house and a stable and dependable job, albeit with shitty pay. He is chastised from his wife for a $12 credit card purchase, beholden to his high school principal (although she is banging hot), aka, his BOSS, and dealing with the joys of realizing that his life sucks donkey cock and that everything he COULD have been, has not happened and now he simply exists. Oh, did I mention, he is diagnosed with lung cancer? Life is grand in Walt’s World.

Without spoiling the show, for those of you who have not watched it, is that Walt begins a transformation from a Beat Down Beta Bitch Boy into that of a Dominating, Do-As-He-Pleases Alpha Male. Now the irony is, while his tactics are extreme, is that we see his wife Skyler White, begin to get turned on by his behavior and in the first season, there is plenty of him bending her over the kitchen sink, pulling her panties down and fucking her hard. She likes it. She’s surprised, and almost unsure of how to take it, but she’s wetter than the Pacific Ocean.

As Walt transforms into a man who does what he wants, when he wants, we start to see his confidence grow, his physical stature change and his outlook on life change. Here is a man who may be dead in a few months, due to the cancer, who decides to really LIVE. No longer will he be beaten down by societies demands of XYZ.

In the beginning, Walt starts to cook meth simply to save money to provide for his family when he dies; however, as he progresses down the path and his cancer enters remission, we see that the path of Alphadom is simply irresistible. Once you have tasted the power of living life on YOUR terms, then it is very hard to abandon the progress you’ve made, lose the feeling of freedom and resort to being beaten down and miserable. There simply is no turning back.

I present a question for my readers: Are you beaten down by life, your wife, your children, your job, by society, by extended family? What would it take for you to change your life completely, start to live on YOUR terms and start really living life? Cancer? Loss of a job?

Walter White is a fictional TV character, but his story is one that resonates with men across the world, because Walter is their darkest fantasy. They long to quit their bullshit low paying job, embark on a business venture with plenty of risk, but incredible rewards and finally put in place the nagging bitchy wife who wears the pants in the family.

While I do not endorse the lifestyle of Walter White of dealing drugs and murdering people; I DO endorse any man who wakes up one day, decides to live life on HIS terms and bitch-slaps the world into submission.

Do not wait until tomorrow, do not wait until next year, do not wait until the ‘perfect timing’, because there is no perfect timing, but instead, decide TODAY, that you are going to leave the Beta Bitch Boy curse behind and start down the path of Alphadom.

It’s YOUR life; start living like it is.

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