Recently I listened to a podcast in which Cassie Jaye, the director of The Red Pill, interviewed Stefan Molyneax about identity politics. Stefan’s answers to most questions were “libertarianism is the answer.” If we just had less government our problems would be solved.

He doesn’t usually sound that dumb.

Then I came across an article saying that libertarians had the most masculine psychological profile. Could that really be? No. The parameters for judging masculinity versus femininity in the survey the article cites is based on empathy. Liberals showed the most empathy (think bleeding-heart liberals). Libertarians showed the least.

This pillar of manhood could have been your president

This is a poor parameter for judging manhood. A lack of empathy is a caricature of masculinity. It’s a dark-triad trait that loose, damaged women find attractive but is not common to most men. When betas pretend to be alphas without guidance they try to appear cold and calculating. But men are not this way.

Men certainly try to use logic when making decisions but we are not cold, calculating psychopaths. We have people for whom we care: sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, wives and friends and usually an ethnic group. We are masculine because we care about those people. We are strong because our strength is needed to support them. We are brave because our courage is needed to protect them. We work because our work is needed to feed and shelter them.

So no, libertarians are not the most masculine ideologues, they are just the least empathetic. In fact, here are some things that expose the weakness in libertarian ideology.

They Don’t Favor Free-Market Capitalism

The most laughable part of the libertarian agenda states in essence; if only the government would get out of the economy the market would be free and therefore more competitive.

As I detailed here, for over a century America did have a free-market. Government regulations were largely non-existent. As a result trusts and oligopolies (both of which act as monopolies) took over the economy. Eventually the federal government tried to impose some regulations to stop these monopolistic organizations from controlling the market and suppressing competition but the damage was already done.

Corporations don’t want competition. That’s the sad truth of the “free market”

Now the economy is controlled in large part by these huge organizations. Not only do they control the market, they control the politicians who could influence the market. That’s how banks can become too big to fail. We have only our government’s initial laissez-faire attitude towards the economic market to thank for this.

The ironic part of the libertarian ideology is that they don’t want the authoritarian government to control our actions but they’re perfectly fine with private organizations controlling our actions. Let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that a certain group of people disproportionately controlled the media and used it to influence our children, college students, and the gullible. That’s fine under libertarian ideology. That’s just the free market at work.

Libertarian economics only replaces one authority figure with another.

They Favor Degeneracy

The reason libertarians are not on the left-right spectrum is because they share an anything-goes attitude toward cultural issues with leftists. Think of the issues most men on this site consider degenerate: parents raising their children as transgender, female hypergamy, the glorification of pornography, etc. The libertarian solution to all these problems is less government intervention.

Who then if not a central authority we appoint to protect children will stop parents from mutilating their children’s genitals to gain street cred among their radical leftist friends? Who prevents pornography from being advertised to children?


The sexual market place isn’t regulated at all by society. Do you like where it is heading?

In the past we solved these problems by giving the government authority to solve them. Perhaps we could solve these problems ourselves if the government would allow us to, but this is backwards thinking. We already had the ability to solve all problems on our own. Eventually we created organizations (like the police or a governing body) to address certain issues so that we could move on with our lives.

Back to that Stefan Molyneax-Cassie Jaye conversation. In it they discuss abortion. One minute, Stefan discuss personal liberty. In the next he discusses why abortion is bad for society. In a libertarian, limited-government utopia there is nothing stopping doctors from performing third-trimester abortions for a price. That’s just free-market supply and demand economics at work.

The only part that bothers libertarians is when their tax dollars are used

They Take Self-Reliance to Absurd Extremes

No man is an island. If men work hard they will surely have some good times but they will also fall on hard times. When they fall on hard times how are other men going to view him? Are they going to be cold and calculating like libertarians? Or will show empathy and get him back on his feet so that he can get back to contributing in some way? Men are social animals. Those that support each other the best out compete others. Lone wolfs don’t survive in nature for precisely this reason.

How many alpha males have no friends?

Everyone thinks that when things are going well for them it will always be that way. Nobody wants to imagine that they could be the one in need of help one day, but it happens all the time. Men were hit harder than anyone in the 2008 economic crash (thanks again, unregulated market). I’ll bet a majority of men who lost their jobs then were self-reliant in the true sense; they didn’t expect others to work for them. But libertarians would have us believe that anyone who used government programs to get back on their feet until the economy improved are not self-reliant.

We created social welfare programs so that men and families could get back to contributing to society.

What about all the libertarians who have been divorce-raped and cucked over the last 40 years? Are they happy that regulations were rolled back in the form of no-fault divorce?

Why Do We Even Have A Government?

We only have a government because so many complex problems have emerged in societies that it is helpful to have an organization that addresses those issues. Libertarians sound smart by saying we should limit government, but that doesn’t solve any of the problems a government is supposed to solve.

It’s everything libertarians want

Libertarians sound smart by saying phrases like “personal liberty” but in the end they bring nothing to the table.

For Jared’s writing on Masculinity and literature check out his site Legends of Men.

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