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In my previous article on ROK (game has never stopped working on girls) a reader asked the following:

Could someone kindly offer suggestions of locations where a high quality, normal, healthy female might meet a quality, healthy, normal guy?

No kidding.

I understand the (whole) problem and have been watching it evolve over time. I’m rather used to seeing this so it doesn’t bother me so much.

But I never stop trying.

This was a gal asking, but a lot of guys ask it too. Where do you go to meet a quality girl?

We’re going to break down 16 places you can meet women, into three categories: LOW QUALITY (where the quality is worse than average)… MIXED QUALITY (where quality is average)… and HIGH QUALITY (where you’ll meet quality women). (Female readers, like the one who asked that question, can use many of the spots we’ll discuss to meet superior men as well.)

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Buuuut… it’s not worth going to the hassle to take a girl as your girlfriend in a date if she’s not a girl you’d want for a girlfriend. So first, let’s talk where to find the kind of girl you’d want to have stick around a while.

4 Low Quality Places To Meet Girls

Every place you go, there will be a mixture of women. You have to vet those women to see if they measure up. For our purposes, a “high quality” spot has a higher proportion of quality women than the other places we’ll discuss. A “mixed quality” spot is about average. And a”low quality” spot may contain a few chunks of gold here and there, but even those will still usually turn out to be pyrite.

A “low quality” place to meet girls has a low proportion of quality women on-hand.

The 4 worst spots for girl-quality are…

1. Nightlife/Places with Alcohol
places to meet girls

“The only reason I go out is because I like to dance.”

Bars, nightclubs, lounges, house parties, after parties. If people drink there, they’re probably not partner material. That’s assuming “partner material” for you includes things like loyalty, fidelity, not too many crazy personality disorders, and no STDs.

Alcohol-fueled venues, quite frankly, attracted damaged goods individuals. Some such places are meat markets, where people go to get laid. Other places are show-off venues, where everyone goes to look high status. Neither is a location most quality people want to spend time in.

You will occasionally meet the quality girl who was dragged there by friends. Or one who’s been single a while, felt desperate, and decided to try the nightclub for the first time in her life. But usually you’ll meet regular party people. If you need more details on why these girls don’t tend to make good girlfriends, check out my article on why I quit dating girls who club, party, or drink.

2. All-Girl Vacations
places to meet girls

When the “just us girls” vacationers meet a party of “just us guys” vacationers.

If she’s on a vacation with “just the girls” and you meet her, well… it may well be one of the easiest lays you’ll ever have.

But perish the thoughts of a long-distance romance after. Even if you get her, you’ll always wonder about what (or whom) she’s doing on her next“just the girls” trip… without you.

3. Meet-Up Groups
places to meet girls

Plenty of women here… but none to write home about.

That’s Meetup. it’s young professionals’ groups or activity group in your area… possibly also Facebook in the near future too (though too early to tell what Facebook meetups will be like).

The quality at these places is never that high. And they tend to be meat markets. If you hook up with a girl from one such place, you’re likely not her first, nor her last. Okay as a stop-gap if you need some sexual momentum, but not a girlfriend hunting ground.

4. Online
places to meet girls

“All my friends say I am beautiful.”

You better off to date a girl from an after-party before you’d date a girl from online. Both will have equivalent amounts of crazy, but at least the after-party girl will be hotter. Online tends to attract equally low-ish quality, yet also usually less attractive, women than nightlife. Still, useful for dry spells. Just don’t stick around with your online dating lays long.

6 Mixed Quality Places To Meet Girls

These places are mixed. You can find some okay-quality girls in some of them. You may occasionally find a gem. But the quality is generally “average”, not high. So if you want high quality, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The good news is, if okay-quality is enough, all these places are fairly easy to meet girls in; not all high quality spots are so easy.

1. Dance Classes
places to meet girls

Decent place to pick up. But the quality is so-so.

It’s salsa night! Or ballroom dancing night. Lots of girls head to dance classes seeking relationships. The quality here is okay, though you’ll rarely find top tier girls. They don’t take the trouble to attend.

2. Ski/Surf/Snowboard Classes
places to meet girls

Who doesn’t like to hunt for snow bunnies?

Decent places to meet women. But be advised: the more athletic a girl is, the more she gets around. Also, the guys doing sports are sexier… so your competition is stiffer (but not too bad). Yet if she continues to do such activities after you’re dating, there’s always the chance she runs into Mr. Charisma or Mr. Sexy Abs at one of her classes right after some drama with you and… who knows.

3. Intramural Sports
places to meet girls

More spunk, energy, and drive. Can be fun, but possibly not girlfriend material.

Same as with ski, surf, and snowboard classes, but to the second power. If she’s running around, kicking balls, and competing, her sex drive is high, and so are her cravings for man-contact. She’ll be fun, but you’re unlikely to be her only one.

4. Beach/Gym/Work/University/Church
places to meet girls

Bible study doesn’t necessarily = quality. Lots of “reformed party girls” in church these days…

These are standard, normal places to meet girls. They’re mixed, because they’re the average spot to meet a girl, and your odds to meet a high or low quality girl are average. Note that average odds do not mean equal odds… you will on average meet more low quality girls than high quality ones.

5. Events
places to meet girls

Events girls can be charming, but these are mixed quality spots.

Charity events, art gallery openings, other galas. Events attract outgoing, sociable, attractively dressed girls, who may seem high quality at first meet. Whether “outgoing, sociable, and fashionable” are your primary determinants of quality is subjective. However, if you’re more concerned with “loyalty, dependability, support for her man”, plus genuine (non-flashy/made-up) beauty, these are a bit of a wash. You can find some quality girls here, but if you’re not an extravert you may struggle to keep up with them in a relationship.

6. Private Social Networks
places to meet girls

aSW was legendarily good back in the days it was mostly millionaires, babes, and by-invite-only.

aSmallWorld, Nextdoor, and other such networks can be okay to meet women through. They are higher quality than online dating sites, as well as social media and meet-up sites open to the general public. That said, the women on these networks who are down to meet are usually down to meet men in general, and your odds of finding a high quality girlfriend via them are average at best.

7 Places To Meet High Quality Girls

This is it. Your guide to those top tier girls… the ones to keep on longer term than a one-time shag. Note that just because these are superior places to meet girls of a high quality does not mean every girl in them is high quality. The majority of the women you meet these places will still be average or low quality. Yet you have much better odds of a woman you meet at one of these places being of a higher quality than you will women you meet anywhere else.

1. Transit

“Going anywhere exciting?”

Every girl in a big city has to use transit. The cool thing about transit is you get to meet girls who DON’T do all the drinking, partying, hobknobbing stuff. You won’t meet this kind of a girl at a bar, online, or in salsa class. But you can meet her on her way to work or to meet friends on the bus or the train.

This is a common theme you’ll see throughout this section: looking for places that are “great equalizers”. Places you can meet women you couldn’t normally meet elsewhere.

2. Street
places to meet girls

You can meet every kind of woman imaginable on the street.

Same deal as transit, the street has everybody. All the same mixed and low quality women you’ll run into elsewhere… but also the high quality women you’re unlikely to meet other places.

The challenge of the street is you must be ballsier to make it work. Few guys ever learn the skill… yet for those who do, the street is a bottomless Christmas stocking of the world’s highest quality women.

3. Grocery Store
places to meet girls

“That looks healthy…”

Every girl needs groceries! Like transit and the street, you’ll meet all kinds of girls here – including those you won’t find in social/party/activity venues. And like both other places, many women you’ll meet at the grocer’s are ALONE.

The grocery shop shows up as a fairly common place women meet men in some surveys. And, like the street and the train, it is also a place women frequently fantasize about running into a guy. “Wow, that looks healthy,” about whatever’s in her cart, serves as a functional opener – whether her food actually is healthy (and you’re being sincere) or it isn’t (and you’re giving her a tease).

4. Other Shops
places to meet girls

If she reads, higher odds than normal she’s cool, normal, and sane.

Groceries are generally the best for high quality, but many other shops are up there too. Bookstores (if you can find one), clothing stores, and so on. Again, girls are alone, all types of girls shop… and better still, if she has the money to shop, there’s a fair chance she’s at least got her life together.

Unless she’s a shopaholic with an $80K credit card debt, you should screen for that if you meet girls in shops (“Shop a lot?” –> she says yes –> “Wow, how do you afford it all?” –> she laughs and says she loves her credit card, or she’s evasive –> make a note to ask her if she carries a lot of debt later, and watch for the reaction.)

5. Cafés
places to meet girls

Lots of girls head to cafés alone. Easy pickings for the guy unafraid to say hi.

Cafés attract a certain kind of crowd, of course. More upper middle class; more Bohemian. If you like girls like that, cafés are great. A little closer to “mixed” class than transit, street, and grocer’s, but better than the real mixed stuff and you can meet decent quality here. Talk to her in line or strike up a conversation with a girl at a table nearby.

6. Your Building
places to meet girls

The elevator in some apartment buildings can be a surprisingly good place to meet chicks.

Wherever you live, odds are the women in your building are… well, a lot like you. Different buildings attract different crowds. And you’ll tend to find that generally a higher than usual number of women who live in the same building as you are higher quality.

7. Introductions
places to meet girls

Don’t say “no” to a good intro.

Your friends may have girls they can introduce you to. Have you asked? A lot of people love to play matchmaker. And some of them are pretty darn good at it. Further, introductions are an awesome way to meet high quality women who don’t drink, party, or socialize a lot, and are otherwise hard to find. You won’t find her at that house party, but you have a mutual friend and if she knows you’re in the market, she can put the two of you in touch.

Only key here: you’ve got to tell the people around you you’re on the market for a good girl, and ask them if they have anyone they can introduce.

How To Get These Girls Once You Meet ‘Em

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I give you the full skinny in my video on the course:

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Oh, and, since I’m signing off, if you liked my articles, be sure to keep reading over at GC. I’ve handpicked a few I think might appeal to many of the guys who frequent ROK… give ’em a look.

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