There are very obvious benefits to learning game and becoming a player: an ability to meet and attract higher-quality girls, a varied sex life, and greater choice and autonomy. However, acquiring game skills has also benefited me hugely in terms of my overall development as a man. Here are four ways in which game has improved my life overall.

1. Greater Confidence

It is very difficult to build a skillset of going up to girls you don’t know, introducing yourself, and then trying to persuade them to have sex with you without that having a knock-on positive effect on your confidence.

Any man who has done hundreds or even thousands of day or night game approaches, each time having little idea what kind of reception he will receive, will slowly but surely build up a forcefield of rock-solid confidence around him.

This is of course hugely beneficial, with implications running far beyond the mere practice of picking up girls. Before I started game I had built up my confidence (which had been sorely lacking in childhood) to a certain degree, but game really supercharged it. Now, there are very few social or business situations I walk into that will phase me in any way.

2. Speaking Skills

Game puts you on the spot and forces you to be articulate and interesting in front of strangers. It also requires you to be, variously, persuasive, funny and able to read another person’s reactions.

Short of taking improv classes (fun, but a bit lame) it is hard to think of another discipline that hones these skills to the same razor sharp degree.

What all of this has meant is that my speaking ability has improved across the board, from one-on-one conversations to presenting in front of large audiences. I also record a podcast and make videos as part of my content creation work: there is little doubt that my ability to do so has come about as a result of having approached and had conversations with so many different girls.

3. Imperviousness To Rejection

Rejection is not nice: none of us like it. However, when you’ve been rejected hundreds, even thousands of times over the years as part of your game ‘career’, it does start to become a little less troublesome.

Why? The simple law of numbers. When I get turned down by a girl it matters little to me in the big scheme of things, because I know that I’ll be talking to another in a few moments’ time.


The great thing about game, and life, is that you always get another spin of the wheel.

An ability to withstand rejection—and in fact to thrive off of it—is an essential skill to learn for so many aspects of life. Rejection is constant, whether you are asking girls out, starting a business, writing, singing, painting or whatever. Not everyone is going to like everything you do: that’s just a fact of life. But if you can shrug it off and keep going then you will see gains in the longer term. Practicing game helped me to understand that.

4. Entrepreneurialism

Game is entrepreneurialism in the sexual marketplace. By that I mean that the player creates his own opportunities for sexual success from nothing rather like the entrepreneur creates a business from scratch by offering something of value to the world.

A proficient player should be able to wake up in any city in the world, not knowing anyone, and have a pipeline of interested girls in his phone and several dates lined up after a few days. Contrast this with the average Joe who relies on being chosen on Tinder, or even worse, through his social circle. This guy could be waiting weeks or even months for his next lay, whereas the first doesn’t rely on the whims of the market, but gets up and makes things happen instead.

This imperative to initiate activity rather than waiting for fortune to fall in one’s lap is key to entrepreneurialism. This is why a lot of guys well known for their game skills go on to be self-employed instead of working for the man. I myself now have my own business, having given up corporate work at the end of last year. I think it very unlikely that would have happened had I not spent so much time working on my game, which has honed my appetite for risk and my ability to go out and create opportunities for myself rather than waiting for things to happen.

Many guys rightly say that a life spent focused solely on chasing girls is a wasted one: I agree with them. Every man must have a mission that goes beyond the mere satiation of his carnal urges. However, it is also true that doing game in itself fosters behaviours and qualities that are extremely useful in building a bigger, fuller life. As such it would be foolish to regard game—which tests one’s character more than most pastimes–to be a trivial or wasteful activity.

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