The nightmare scenario for men in the current culture wars is the dreaded false accusation.  Whether a ploy for attention, deflection from a disturbed female’s own misdeeds, weaponized political assassination, or a shameless attempt at a shakedown, much has been written at ROK on this topic. So I will discuss common methods I use for prevention and screening these women out before they ruin my life.

Approach And Assessment

We all like to think we are a great judge of character, but even corporations that spend millions on recruiting will still hire bad apples. You simply cannot catch them all, but like companies, one way to improve accuracy is to prolong the “interview” process.

The much maligned social media platforms can be powerful tools for this. Typically I try to get a girl I meet in a social setting or online to add me on a social media platform like Facebook. Then I wait, either not approaching at all or keeping it light and noncommital.  It’s a great way to watch the unhinged hang themselves, so you can reject them before they hang you.

Red flags include daily whining and complaining for attention, posts that are excessively negative or outright bizarre, trashing exes, former friends, or business entities, screen captures of text messages from guys who simply said “hello” with no texting game, radical political views, being very attractive but perpetually single (especially with daily dating “advice” and trashing other “bitchZ”), a social circle of high risk personalities (see below), or outright admitting to being a hot mess.

High Risk Personalities

While Axis II personality disorders make for poor wives and can ruin your life, some can be quite good and even preferable in steamy short-term relationships. Borderlines, narcissists, and histrionics can sometimes make for great lovers and romantic nights because they bond to you very strongly, though their bonds are short-lived before they move on to the next fix (“narcissistic supply”).

However, the one to consistently watch out for is APD (antisocial personality disorder). It is a broader term than the high IQ “dark triad,” as APDs can be smart or stupid. A near universal sign of someone with APD is that they will be devoid of any romanticism, intimacy, or pair bonding.

For a variety of reasons, they are most likely to file false charges, extort you with compromising photos or threats of filing charges, or simply trash you online, which can cost thousands in legal fees and online reputation management. If employed, they generally cluster in occupations that view others as disposable and expendable. While there are wonderful exceptions to anything, and I have certainly enjoyed some, proceed with great caution or avoid women with the following qualities:

  • Full length tattoo sleeve(s), any skull or scorpion tattoo
  • Four or more tattoos or any single tattoo covering more than ten percent of the body
  • Large tattoo(s) on quadriceps, bowtie tattoos on hind legs
  • Tattoos on fingers
  • Full or part time dominitrix/financial dominator
  • Photographs flipping the bird
  • Obsessions with horror movies
  • Professional porn star and/or “Suicide Girl”
  • Feminist stripper (other strippers can be ok)
  • Circus performer, burlesque dancer, roller derby girl, boxer/UFC fighter
  • Radical leftist lawyer, ambulance chaser, real or imagined SJW activist
  • Known affiliation with drug dealers & “pill punters”
  • Escort (past or present)
  • Professional traveler (when photographed alone by someone [their Jons!] not in the picture)
  • Excessively whitened teeth, “craftsmanship” smile (Joel Osteen)

  • Club or music promoter, casting agent, tabloid journalist
  • Actresses, particularly if in horror movies or playing sociopathic characters
  • Internet/multi-level marketers
  • Day trader/foreclosure house flipper
  • Real estate broker (if previously in the nightclub business)
  • Poker player, pro gambler
  • NLP newbie, Tony Robbins groupie
  • Hypnotists, Satanists, Wiccans, Witches, Occultists, or senior level Scientologists
  • Pharmaceutical rep (if previously in the nightclub business)
  • Handles such as “daddyslittlemonster,” references to Marilyn Monroe/Harley Quinn
  • Wack profile headlines such as “Killing it Better Than Elizabeth Bathory”
  • Braggarts who proudly boast about “blocking” and “ghosting”
  • Sharply pointed acrylic nail tips
  • Postings about taking men’s money (“I’m a great housekeeper, whenever I divorce a man I keep the house” — Zsa Zsa Gabor)
  • Nightclub bartender (early close restaurant bartenders can be ok)
  • Strong affiliation with any on this list

A dangerous mix occurs when a borderline/narcissist pairs up with someone with APD. The extreme of this is the Manson and Jim Jones Cults.

More typically, your semi-innocent borderline starts running in party circles with hustling escorts. As the former is easily influenced, your hot and steamy consensual relationship with her gets spun by the antisocial into something “abusive,” and now you become the accused. History is thus re-imagined, similar to the “repressed memories” molestation craze of the 1990s that destroyed lives but was thoroughly discredited in the end.

Your best prevention in this area is to stay on very good terms with all your exes and flings, no matter how bad the relationship ended. A good strategy that avoids making you appear weak (which Axis II types feed upon) is to contact them every six months such as Christmas or birthdays leaving good cheer, focusing only on the good times (never the bad) and getting them to say something nice about you, thus leaving a consistent digital trail.

Hotel California

While “rape culture” hyper-exaggeration is the norm on college campuses, this is not the case in entertainment. Having dated many beautiful women, including legitimate rape victims, all are vigilant about being date raped and for good reason. Often they will ask bartenders to watch their glasses and there will be secret hand signs shared if their drink has been touched or drugged.

As we have seen recently, a common theme is for men who otherwise have no game to use drugs and promises of fame that in other settings would end careers. In some EDM and especially rap music environments, it is quietly or even openly bragged about with impunity.


“Put Molly in her champagne, she ain’t even know it, I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.” — Rick Ross (U.O.E.N.O.)

This is where you can get into lots of trouble. Avoid any “after hours” situation where this is likely to occur, and if these scenes are your thing, make sure that the women involved love to get high and know the deal. If anyone is present whom you don’t know well, who may have gotten invited to these “black out” Sodom and Gomorrah soirees by mistake and who do not understand what they are getting into, you should leave and give the unsuspecting girl a subtle heads up.

I’ve watched from afar as many guilty predators went to jail along with others who got caught in the crossfire for participating, attending or simply being complicit. You should avoid any “pickup” model that requires women to be unconscious or intoxicated to the point that they do not remember what happened the morning after or details are fuzzy.

This is the perfect storm for a legal “swearing contest,” and given the current climate, guilt by association in this industry all but assures you are guilty until proven innocent. Both the Rolling Stone hoax and the Duke lacrosse cases, for example, involved an antisocial personality and a party environment.

What A Nice Surprise, Bring Your Alibis

On the flip side is a secret world that is almost never talked about. Female “sharks” will exploit the roofie party culture as cover in a variety of ways. They will go on “cash and carry” or “free drugs” adventures such as an afterparty that goes on way too long, then they lose track of time and it turns into a three-day coke and orgy bender at some high rise penthouse or mansion party.

Meanwhile, their clueless, cucked boyfriend is at home frantic after the “girls’ night out” and has filed missing person reports. To save face with her beta provider and avoid being outed, a straight-up club slut now claims rape.


Another common tactic with high value male “targets” is to have sex with them, then when they think no one is looking, they roofie their own drinks, knock themselves unconscious, then threaten rape charges the next day as a shakedown for cash.

Thus, most celebrities (especially sports teams) take some form of risk reduction course, and the girls are searched by security with no cell phones allowed. 24/7 video surveillance backstage, on tour buses, and at prestigious residences is now the industry standard, which is how these women are usually caught. Gene Simmons has topless photos of every woman he’s had sex with… and now you know why.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Deceived

Other ROK authors have noted that alpha males are rarely accused. Context is everything and I would add one word: deception. If you start out as a “friend,” then try to switch to “lover,” you often become neither as a woman often feels violated because she very likely shared things she would not have told a man who wants to date her.

Taking this further, if you invite a woman to your room or office for “business,” then flash her, you’re Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer, she feels tricked, and no matter how many movie/TV roles and hush money is offered, a woman who may have gone out with you straight up if asked honestly will one day turn on you.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a woman thing: it’s a human thing. There’s a well known case where Madonna illegally sampled a male artist. He specifically stated that he would have cleared it for $5,000 in advance but that since she tried to steal it, he sued, went public, and now the price is $250,000. Sooner or later, all “predators” pay the price.

If you’re a photographer who openly states that you only do free shoots with women you are dating, you’ll be fine, but if you offer to shoot a girl for free, then start touching her inappropriately during the shoot, she might rightly go to the police or put you on blast.

If a woman already wants to bang you anyway and you party together, it’s a great night for all and she will be back. If on the other hand, you offer a woman a drink, then she wakes up ten hours later sore, you’re Bill Cosby and you can kiss your legacy goodbye. You should never emulate this “no game” model when trying to score, as you too will pay the price.

Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes made three mistakes: deception, targeting antisocial females, and most of all, selecting ones who were ruthless, grandstanding opportunists. Notice how O’Reilly pays out $32 million in settlements and still loses his job, while Vivid Entertainment pays $300-$3,000 a scene for hotter women who will do almost anything for the asking right on camera.

The difference is honesty, transparency, choosing wisely, and making those women feel safe. With porn companies, it’s made very clear up front exactly what will happen and what is expected. This is a drastic oversimplification of the lurid, shady adult business, but quite useful for this discussion.

Cultural References

These timeless classics from a bygone era are mostly free of the insufferable Marxist/feminist indoctrination in current cinema. They are well worth your time and are case studies in Antisocial Axis II pathologies:

  • The Last Seduction (Linda Fiorentino)
  • Basic Instinct (Sharon Stone)
  • Total Recall (Sharon Stone)
  • To Die For (Nicole Kidman)
  • Body of Evidence (Madonna)
  • Damage (Juliette Binoche, Jeremy Irons)
  • Malice (Nicole Kidman, Alec Baldwin)

Lastly, for a glimpse into a world of lively characters, visit The Dirty and click on different cities. You will learn a great deal about how not to get stung by bottom dwellers, male and female alike.

Summary: The Five Pillars Of Prevention

Mastery in these five areas will greatly reduce your likelihood of any false accusation charges.  Stay on good terms with unstable exes, use lengthy stealth “interviews” by leveraging social media, vet or pass on high-risk personalities, avoid “after hours” environments that are notorious for date rape, and be honest with a woman about your intentions.

Aside from obvious moral and legal grounds, deception is simply not necessary with proper alpha framing that makes a woman actually want to be with you. Caveat Emptor!

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