I’m in my late forties and I only date 8s and 9s under 30, usually under 25. I don’t do 10s, mainly because the cost-benefit ratio isn’t worth it to me; they are too expensive and dramatic.

Younger women are appealing for many reasons, such as their beauty and fertility, plus millennials, due to their porn addiction, are simply better in bed. Though sexually inexperienced, many are surprisingly mature with men, whereas some of the most prudish and childish women I’ve ever dated (in my blue pill days) were self-entitled, jaded, nagging forty-somethings.

The List

As others at ROK have written, in much of the world, age gaps in dating are a non-issue and in some countries such as Ukraine and the Philippines, they are outright encouraged. In the U.S., however, winning at this game requires the following qualities.

1. Above-average to very good looks.

2. Good-to-great physical conditioning. This includes sexual stamina and endurance levels comparable to 20-something men.

3. A sense of adventure that is backed up by your travels and online presence (“Indiana Jones” game).

4. Something extraordinary about you with respect to accomplishments, life insight and experience.

5. An exceptional seductive skill and charm. Of key importance: you need a deep understanding and acceptance of the female psyche, while also maintaining firm control over it.

6. An above-average bank balance. You either need to be in the top ten percent of income earners or have very low overhead to compensate.

7. Access to or directly providing exciting and entertaining options generally not available from men in their twenties.

8. A very high emotional intelligence and calm demeanor. You need to be the alpha male lion that protects and reassures a young woman when her swirling insecurities kick in.

9. A high IQ and social competence. This includes dress, style, dance, self-defense, management skills, your friends (who should also be similarly accomplished and charming), and female social proof.

Know Your Audience

Very few of us have all nine of the above qualities, but even having just a few of them combined with bulletproof fearlessness opens up a new world of possibilities.

While this is true for all men, it is essential for age gap dating in the states. Roughly 30 percent of American women will never date an older guy, 40 percent will consider it based upon hypergamy, and 30 percent actually prefer older men. Of this coveted 30 percent, all will be looking to you to save them, mainly from twenty-something guys who have no clue.

So it better be obvious that you’ve got life figured out. You also must take very good care of yourself with respect to diet, exercise, and regular detoxes for that youthful glow!

Often, young women will be genuinely attracted to you because you are bringing life experience, safety, and sexual skills to the table that they cannot get elsewhere. This is evidenced by the fact that many of the most popular male porn stars, such as Rocco Siffredi and Shane Diesel, are in their late forties or early fifties.


It takes about twenty adult years to figure out how to manage hot women effectively, so if you take care of yourself—and completely free your mind from the feminist Matrix with no hesitation or apologies—your forties and fifties can be a golden era of red hot nights with steamy young sexpots.

Personality wise, expect the proverbial “hot mess” daddy issues, great women without a strong family connection, and finally, women who are gifted, accomplished or artistic with very high IQs, the latter of which are my favorite.

Using A Provider Frame

Many women in their twentiess are struggling like you were when you were younger, and there is something deep in a woman’s sexual psyche that unlocks when she feels taken care of. All great seducers know this, and mastery here produces mind-blowing sexual rewards, often for less than the cost of a dinner date. Alpha framing assumed, it’s amazing what paying to fix a flat tire or buying lingerie can do.

Research and Strategy

I recommend three books: Troy Francis’ Still in the Game, Dean Cortez’s Dating Younger Women, and The Professional Bachelor by Brett Tate.

You will also need real field experience to “red pill” this. The best options for getting started are the EDM nightclub or rock music scenes, and bodybuilder/trainer/UFC/fitness: cultures that are most accepting of the age gap/Playboy lifestyle. Make friends, watch the best seducers, and learn from them. As I am in entertainment, I started here, avoided all the drugs and kept my good looks, then moved to day game and online dating with higher quality women.

Some of the best relationships you’ll ever have are based upon initial “fake it till you make it” embellishments and omissions. Online, everyone “fudges” about something: with women, it’s usually kids, illness, RX drugs, smoking, “poly” boyfriends and age (over 25).

Ergo, select your lowest plausible age to get your foot in the door: just as her embellishments don’t matter to you if the sex is awesome, once a woman is attracted to you, 90 percent of the time it doesn’t matter to her that you’re older than you originally said… so long as you deliver.

Freeing Your Mind

My last three long-term live-in girlfriends were 24-26-year old stunners and I was adored by their families (circa 1970s ”Ted Nugent” game). I’m currently dating a very bright 22-year old who loves shooting porn with me and a 19-year old engineering major, athlete and concert pianist who enjoys Fifty Shades of Grey role play.

Never let anyone tell you and the person who is happy with you how to live your life; other people don’t have to live it… you do! This is the essence of the alpha mindset; embrace it fully and leave all that “agey/smagey” garbage for pouty basement dwellers and feminists with cats. Good luck!

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