Partner dancing can be found in almost every major city. The dances and styles vary, but most cities have one of the follow three types of partner dancing:

  • Salsa/Bachatta (almost impossible to go to a Salsa dance without Bachatta being played)
  • Swing
  • Tango

In any major city, one or two of these types of dances will be popular enough to use as a springboard to meet women. Why should a man care? Here are 5 reasons:

1.   He likes having sex with women much younger than he is.

Many partner dancing venues do not serve alcohol. Do the math. When are women in their prime?  Combined with the love women have for dancing, these non-alcoholic venues end up with a large pool of young women.

Places that serve alcohol tend to be more club like, which isn’t always an advantage. The women are older yet just as slutty as they were during their college years, so these clubs can be fruitful. But older girls aren’t as satisfying, and club environments tend to produce lots of bitch-shield type behaviors from women you approach.

Older women still frequent non-alcoholic venues, but they usually dance with much older men. It’s kind of funny to watch 50 year old men pick up women in their 30’s, but for all I know I’ll be doing the same thing someday.

2.   He likes to date women hotter than he is.

How far can dancing game go? You tell me.


But surely, you think, this is just dancing. It’s not like he’s banging her. She isn’t actually attracted to this fat bastard, is she?

Forward to 2:00:


Maybe he’s just a beta at heart who doesn’t really try to get laid very often. But if he wanted to, he could.

3.   He hates dealing with cockblockers.

Many women travel to these events alone. Dancing requires a carefree attitude that’s hard to fake. One truly cannot be afraid of being judged by onlookers, or by the dance partner, on his dance moves; all insecurities must be removed. Most men, and most women, have a lot of trouble doing this. Thus the women who tend to partner dancing scenes usually are the adventurous, free-spirited types that do things solo.

I’d say the ratio is 40% single, 25% couples, and 35% groups, but these girls in groups can easily be separated from each other as guys ask them to dances. Then it’s just you and her.


Getting her out of the venue is easy if she came by herself, and if she came with friends she’ll go tell them, provided you’ve swooped her well enough, “He’s safe,” and her friends won’t judge or care if she leaves with you.

4.   He likes to date outside of his race.



With those skills this black dude could smash more white birds than most white dudes ever could.

By targeting specific types of dances, a man can target different demographics of women. Do some research to find the kind of women you’re interested in. E.g. Salsa for Latin/Asian girls, tango in Japan, swing for Jewish/white girls, etc. My most exotic notch right now is an Armenian notch.

5.   Fat chicks disgust him, and he doesn’t ever want to be fat himself.

Most fatties don’t think about going to a venue where they have to physically exert themselves for a few hours as a good time.

The women at dance venues aren’t always lookers, but less than 10% of the women at my dance venues are overweight (always go to venues where young girls are.  Duh). And I know these girls are getting a good workout, because I know I am too.

Compared to most bars and clubs, dancing venues blow away the competition in terms of quality.

One hour of dancing is at least as rigorous as one hour of jogging. Dancing is an easy way to do a cardio routine. Instead of running on some dirt path or a treadmill, you can be holding a girl 8 years younger than you while she laughs and squeals as you burn calories.

6.   Dance game is the ultimate back burner game.

A man doesn’t need to be a professional dancer to benefit from dancing. After the initial month or so it takes to learn the basics of the dance, he needs to practice his new dance once or twice a week to continue to improve. A typical dance lasts 1-2 hours. That’s 2-4 hours a week.

As he improves his dance skills, his ability to pull will also improve. As he goes to dances, he will keep himself in shape and healthy. He will have access to fit, young women. All for 2-4 hours per week.

It’s so easy to maintain and make a habit out of, that it leaves lot of free time open for a man to pursue his own interests outside of getting laid, which in turn keeps the game from becoming stale.

Dancing game is easy, and best, to do in moderation, which means any man can keep it up indefinitely. As an experienced player, you’ll see dance game as one of the best avenues to score.

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