The decline of Western civilization is a precarious topic. It already seems so definite that many have chosen to become MGTOW or take the black pill. Still others think that Western society, despite its flaws, represents the greatest way of life and is worth saving. It has been rightly observed that lower middle-class families today live better than most of humanity has lived throughout its entire history.

We have so much wealth and so many technological advancements in America alone that 80 percent of the wealth can go to one percent of the population and the other 99 percent can still lead decent lives.

That’s not a justification for such drastic wealth disparity. In fact, history has shown us that such great wealth disparity leads to disaster. Quintus Curtius can better speak to that topic, should you choose not to believe it.

It is precisely because we are able to live so well that Western culture is worth preserving. But what is causing the decline? The short answer is the dismantling of nuclear families.

Wealth single mother home

A glimpse of life in broken homes.

How is that being accomplished? The complete story explaining this could take a book. Here are a few highlights that members of the red pill community have mentioned:

  • No fault divorce
  • Birth control pills
  • Women’s suffrage
  • General acceptance of alternative lifestyles
  • Increased dependency on the welfare state

The list goes on.

In this article, Roosh proposes that the decline can be stopped if women’s suffrage is ended. He makes a compelling argument. Here I propose a three-step legislative solution to restore the prominence of nuclear families, thereby halting our civilization’s decline.

1. Pass A Law Stating That Only Biological Fathers Can Be Held Financially Responsible For Their Children

Men know that regardless of what any law states, this is morally right. If men choose to care for children that aren’t theirs, they still can. But at least they can’t be obligated to.

Unfortunately, some men are forced to pay for kids that are not theirs. This guy below is an example.

Wrongful paternity

Every man’s worst nightmare

2. Pass A Law Limiting A Mother’s Ability To Rely On Social Welfare Programs

These two steps work in tandem to ensure that the mother and biological father are financially responsible for their children. What enables broken families to exist is the cultural acceptance and financial provision afforded to them by the public. These two laws, should they ever become laws, make a statement: broken families will not be accepted without good cause.

Perhaps exceptions can be made for widows.

Until recently, the South Korean government made being a single mother there very difficult. In addition to social shame, single mothers had to pay higher taxes and were often denied jobs because of their situation. The South Korean government needed people to start breeding the next generation (the country’s birth rate as of 2015 was just 1.2 children per woman), so they started being less strict on single mothers.

But until then, it worked. Just 1.9 percent of children are born out of wedlock there. To put that in perspective, in Sweden in 2013, 54.4 percent of children were born to unwed mothers.


Social shame and financial hardship worked to prevent single motherhood in South Korea. If Western governments were to implement financial hardships on single mothers (by not providing welfare programs), a single mother stigma could very well follow.

Singapore has a similarly low unwed mother rate.  They likewise create more hardships on single mothers by denying them social welfare.

3. Mandate Paternity Testing At Birth To Find The Biological Father

This is key. What it ultimately does is make cuckoldry highly unlikely. It’s possible that the thirstiest of betas would stay with a woman who gets pregnant outside of their relationship. Thanks to this step, however, no man can be fooled by a woman over paternity.

It also discourages women from promiscuity. If some guy hooks up with a ho and she asks him to take a paternity test nine months later, he is going to refuse. There could be ten other guys who boned that ho that week. Why would he accept the test? This puts her in a bad position financially thanks to steps one and two. You think any woman wants to be like this woman?

It also would discourage men from sleeping with loose women. Remember, the test is mandated to find the biological father to then take financial responsibility of the child. If a guy sleeps with a ho, gets a subpoena to take a paternity test, and it comes back a positive match, his life would be boned. Now he’s that ho’s baby daddy. Even if he loved the child, he’d still have to deal with the ho for 18 years.

Some cuck wouldn’t be responsible for the child. The state wouldn’t be responsible for the child. He would. That is a strong incentive for a man to only spend his time creating families with a worthwhile woman. The technology to make this possible hasn’t been available until recently. But evolutionary psychology has much to say about the importance of paternal certainty.

Long story short, we evolved to be more monogamous than our primate ancestors because mothers need fathers to support them and their children. Fathers wouldn’t spend their time investing in children unless there was a degree of paternal certainty.

As a result, we evolved certain traits (i.e. concealed ovulation) that signaled to a male that he could be sure a child was his with some reasonable security. This gave him a reason to invest in a child, rather than going off to bang tons of other girls. The same evolutionary principles apply today, though now we have better technology.

The Overall Effect

If these three laws are passed, women will have a much stronger incentive to pair bond than to hook up. Men will as well. Ironically, single mothers might actually make the best wives under these laws. A woman would have to be a really great wife and mother if she wanted a new man to care for her and her child. A man wouldn’t have any other reason to be with her. He’d be free to leave if she stopped being a good partner.

The point of the three laws is to undo all the damage done to Western families. These three laws combine to provide strong incentives to find a mate and stick with them. They don’t discourage serial monogamy (aka dating), just promiscuity and hookup culture. When nuclear families return to the forefront of Western culture, the decline will cease and the ascent will begin anew.

Of course, nothing would be instantaneous. Birth control would slow the process, but not stop it. See the women in that Maury clip? Birth control was available to her too, yet one of sixteen guys still got her preggers.

Like Roosh’s solution, this one is unlikely to become a reality. But if we ever come to our senses as a people, it’s there for use. You can hail me as a prophet if that time comes.

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