Ireland has pretty much recovered from the subprime crisis and now attracts big tech companies, prompting young girls from everywhere to look for jobs there. Dublin is at the epicenter of this boom, and with its relatively small size and welcoming citizens, the Irish capital is more down-to-earth than London.

In Dublin, you have a choice of over twenty youth hostels in Dublin, with prices starting at around €13 per night. Book a long time in advance for long periods, as some events in the city—like the Six Nations Championship—attract a lot of tourists, leading to accommodation shortages.

I have been staying at four youth hostels in the city center, where you will find two kinds of girls: the one who is studying English for a limited period of time in a private school, and the one who tries to get set up for a long-term period but hasn’t found a job yet. The diversity of ethnicities is astounding, and you must adapt your game accordingly…

Latinas (South and Central America)

Most Latinas come to Dublin alone. They are good-looking and aware of their value. More often than not, they are open to having a good time. As they are not brainwashed by the feminist agenda, you can approach them easily, and this can lead to a date quite quickly.

I noticed that young Latinas are into religion, and Masses in Spanish are held weekly in some churches. Don’t be afraid to go to Mass with one of these girls if you know the basics of Catholicism. A spiritual game with them can give good results.

Brazilian Girls

Dublin attracts a lot of Brazilians who are fed up with their corrupt government. Unfortunately, most Brazilian women come with their husbands. To optimize your chances to meet a single Brazilian girl, you can use a dating app like OkCupid. A good date would be in a Brazilian restaurant: there are a lot of them in Dublin, and this will be a good occasion to let her speak about her country. Discussions about politics are endless with them.

Spanish And Italian Girls

These girls are harder to approach because Spanish and Italians in Dublin tend to recreate their national communities. Like their South and Central American counterparts, they tend to prefer fun conversations.
I recently scored with an Italian girl by playing the romantic crd. All I had to do was to tell her directly that I often thought of her. This helped us get going quickly: after a nice meal, I escalated with her fast.

French Girls

French girls are uptight and if you are a French national, forget about them. French girls travel around Europe to ride the international cock carousel. If you want a French girl, remember that you must sound like the most traveled and exotic man possible. You still have to be careful: French girls who have a college degree tend to be SJWs, so you may endure some boring globohomo stuff.


Staying at a youth hostel has its share of challenges, as sex is difficult in a dorm. A certain budget is required to get private rooms.

Your Quota Of Irish Girls

Dublin does not have the same level of talent as, say, Eastern Europe. The typical Irish girl is not an innate beauty: they are often ridiculously tanned, and contrary to stereotypes, I never bumped into a hot redhead during my stay.

To meet Irish girls, you need to use dating apps such as Tinder. A quick scroll of the talent on them indicates that most Irish girls aren’t totally submitted to the globalist agenda: for example, they don’t have many tattoos. If you start interacting with one of them, they may use the expression: “any craic with you?” Craic basically means “fun” in Irish, and girls there are constantly in the mood for fun things to do.

Irish girls are relatively more conservative than their English counterparts, as Catholicism has left a profound mark in the Irish spirit. This explains why Irish commonly have a good number of siblings. Your game with Irish girls in three easy steps:

1. Find a good venue

Don’t have your first date in a pub. This is a newbie mistake, as pubs are really crowded and not the ideal venue for a decent conversation. Plus, the risk of being cockblocked is high. Instead, go for a drink in a central public place such as the Ilac Center or the Epicurean Food Hall.

2. Let her do the talking

Most Irish girls I have met are friendly. They don’t usually feed you with globalist bullshit, so this is a great relief. Add your insight on any subject, and don’t forget to sound well-traveled. I also noticed that some popular Irish TV series like Father Ted are worth mentioning at some point.

3. Close the deal by saying “I kind of like you.”

Go on a walk with her. If she is comfortable with you, she will be okay. A thirty minute walk is enough. Learn to use the elements: if it starts raining, which is likely, share your umbrella to get closer to her or put your arm around her. You will be able to measure her interest in you. My go-to phrase was, “I kind of like you,” followed by, “I would like to know you more, but I will be moving back to my country soon.”

If you want to stay in Dublin for an extended period of time, I would not recommend you have a long=term relationship with an Irish girl. They cannot cook and have bad health habits. A Coke in a handbag is a common habit of Irish girls.


There are countless opportunities to date girls from different backgrounds in Dublin, and the city is less snobby than other capital cities in Europe. I could enjoy many opportunities over a four-month period, which is a higher success rate than in other Western Europe capital cities.

I have not the opportunity to experience Dublin beyond that due to the cost: Dublin is a real financial challenge unless you are able to land a job at Google or Amazon. For example, € 1,200 is the going rater for a one-bedroom apartment, which will be badly insulated in most cases. However, Dublin is a good city to practice your game in Europe.

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