Poor vibe can be a major sticking point for men practicing day game after the basics have been nailed down. Even after your body language, eye contact, smirk and flirtations have been mastered, a poor mindset can manifest itself in insecurities and weirdness which the girl will pick up on, especially on dates.

Quite often—but not all the time—problems with vibe originate from incorrect mindsets that the aspiring day gamer has adopted: one’s core beliefs will always find ways of affecting the behaviour which everyone else sees. Take the mindset of the beta male as a key example: they often believe that asserting oneself is disruptive and selfish, which manifests itself in submissive, non-masculine actions such as passive-aggressiveness, an unwillingness to question the status quo and supplicating, needy behaviour.

There are three key mindsets which I have adopted along my day game journey which have greatly improved my outlook and have thus had positive effects on my behaviour in general. Prior to this, I found myself struggling at key points, often after the five-minute mark in set, and especially on the date. The further down the interaction you go with poor mindsets, the harder it is to cover them up.

In this article, I shall examine three mindsets which I have found to be essential in improving vibe and the day game experience in general.

1. You Are Doing God’s Work

“The Lord said unto thee, go forth and approach!” – Corinthians 2:23

Day game is natural. It has been practised since we were cavemen and is a completely moral, efficient, and masculine way to convey your intent to women. Day game is also free of guile or underhanded pretense: the day gamer has no means of leverage over the girl, no screen to hide behind, no social circle to protect him, and no money or status to use as subtle bribes.

Unfortunately, we live in an age where the natural and the moral is perceived as weird and even slightly dangerous. Day game is viewed by many millennials to be threatening and constituting sexual harassment, despite it being nothing of the sort. It is for this reason that day gamers will be scorned, ridiculed, and looked down upon by others, in the media and on the street.

Throughout my day game adventures, I have been yelled at, threatened, and laughed at by strangers. I was even stopped by the police last year in-set after successfully taking a girl’s number and questioned for my behaviour. I was interrogated at length and my personal details taken. My vibe suffered for a long time afterwards as a direct result of this.

A police officer, yesterday.

In order to overcome the disapproval of others, you must be certain in your mind that what you are doing is 100 percent right. If you do not believe this, the bad reactions from women, the mockery of others, and the failures will significantly damage your vibe, increase your approach anxiety, and even dissuade you from running game at all.


2. You And The Girl Are On The Same Team

There is a poisonous belief held by some that fast sex is fundamentally damaging to women: it supposedly lowers their value, makes them sluts and affects them psychologically. The problem with this belief is that it reduces the role of the day gamer to that of a trickster: an individual who tempts women into acting against their best long-term interests for the sake of short-term gain.

The truth is that day game is not a series of cheap tricks; it is a pact between a male and a female, working hand in glove to pursue a perfectly healthy relationship away from the envious gazes and judgmental prejudices of the brainwashed majority who believe only in the bland, socially accepted forms of dating. The day gamer is an opportunity for the girl to get a break from the vanilla monotony of the 21st century; it is not a fiendish temptation for which only the gullible sluts of low value fall.

The vibe of the cooperator is vastly superior to that of a swindler: the cooperator acts honestly, confidently and is fully self-assured, whereas the swindler exhibits creepy behaviour which people will suss out. Think of the vibe of a dishonest politician like Theresa May or Hillary Clinton; their malicious intent comes across very clearly. It is therefore crucial to adopt the mindset of the former as opposed to the latter.

3. Your Game Will Be Imperfect

The repertoire of day game infields on the Internet is both a blessing and a curse. They function as highly useful learning tools designed to teach and inform, improve technique and provide good entertainment.

One problem with them is that they often display a highly idealised version of day game: sets seem to hook immediately, there is no stuttering or awkward body language, and the entire interaction tends to flow far more smoothly than normal. Some of them have even been exposed as fake. Anyone with in-field experience can testify to the fact that day game sets are often far from flawless.

Me in a flawless set, yesterday.

It is therefore imperative to release yourselves from the shackles of perfection: you will say stupid things, mix words up, and fall far short of what the professionals on the Internet are displaying. It is highly detrimental to one’s vibe to beat yourself up over sets which go poorly.

Furthermore, a clean, highly polished set can often come off as suspicious, especially if lines and routines have been memorised by heart. It is far better to sacrifice a bit of perfection for authenticity: tailor your sets relative to the girl to whom you are talking, rather than create a one-size-fits-all flawless model which is used on everyone.

It is far more masculine to be aware of one’s own shortcomings and imperfections than it is to try and brush them under the carpet. Eventually, the girl will notice that you are trying to hide something and that will come across as creepy.


Vibe is critical in day game and the way to improve it is to adopt the correct mindsets before hitting the streets. As I have previously discovered, it is possible to get away with it in the first few minutes of the set: performing the basics correctly is often enough to take contact details.

Problems with mindset will often pose problems as the interaction progresses: anything short of the unequivocal belief that day game is an honourable, natural process of meeting women will translate into creepy behaviour. It is precisely this sort of behaviour which should be eliminated right at its source by being secure in one’s core beliefs and mindsets.

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