If you are like me from a couple years ago, you may find it hard to implement what you have learned from Roosh and other contributors on ROK for one main reason: age.

If you’re still a teenager, night game is out of the picture, because you aren’t even old enough to enter clubs in the first place. Day game outside of school can be tough, because if you are like me, you may look your age (or younger), so there is no way of hooking up with an attractive girl in her twenties at a coffee shop or supermarket.

The next problem is your lack of social media. My entire life, I have never had a social media account such as Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. While this is a good thing in terms of productivity, it may hurt your game in your high school years.

The good thing is I have a system for this niche situation that works. I highly recommend reading Roosh’s post “How To Game Young Girls” before you finish reading this article. Although it is written for older men, points 1-4 are spot on.

The reason I am writing this piece is because game among the youth—especially in high school—is heavily reliant on social media nowadays. “Sliding into DMs” is a thing for a reason. Guys can talk to girls over social media without having to deal with conversations in person. Although I was jealous of this aspect of social media, it allowed me to cultivate game in high school, which has treated me well now that I’m an adult.

1. Target Girls Who Are In Your Classes

Getting someone’s Instagram is easy because all you need to do is know their name. Phone numbers are not so easy.

My strategy for getting numbers has never failed me. The next time you see a girl you are interested in, go up to her and make up an excuse related to homework to get her number. Examples include (but are not limited to) “The last page in my packet is unreadable, could you text it to me?” or “I lost my notes from the history presentation on Monday, could you text it to me?” You then proceed to enter her number into your phone, and that’s it.

Although this strategy always seemed to work for me, you can’t gauge her interest in you based upon this alone, though it does get your foot in the door.

2. Get Ready

First things first, pick your target. It helps tremendously if you have a class with her, but you must know the path she takes after class. The reason I first talk to girls between classes is because it gives a smooth point of entry and you don’t have the awkwardness of wondering when to cut off the conversation. Once you need to split off to get to your class, you can just smile and say “See you tomorrow.” Easy as that.

3. Execute Your Plan

After keeping up this up for a little while (judge her comfortability around you), the next step is asking her out. This is as easy as asking her out to coffee after school. If she says yes and doesn’t flake, then that’s all—you’re set. If she responds otherwise, the next step is for you.

4. Get Her Interested (If Possible)

You have to use your own judgment on this step. If the way she responds makes it clear that she is uninterested, then move on to your next target.

WARNING: this is not a club where the women do not know each other. Only use this on one girl per social group. If word spreads, you will come across as desperate by hopping from girl to girl. This happened to a buddy of mine. Don’t let it happen to you. If she responds with a “maybe” or “yes” and then later says she is busy, once again, judge the situation. Most of the time she is trying to get out of it, but in rare cases, they are being sincere.


I want to share my first use of this system and how I got my first ever bang. My first target was a girl with whom I shared two classes. Luckily for me, they were back to back, so I was able to easily talk to her after class as we walked to our next one. After about a week or so of doing this, I asked her out to lunch after school the following day (my mistake, per point two of Roosh’s aforementioned article).

That night (Friday), she texted me saying she was going out of town for the weekend. At this point, I would normally cut things off, but that weekend I was working on an English presentation with one of her friends and out of the blue she showed me an Instagram picture of her (girl I was interested in) skiing saying she was just my type, because she knew I liked to snowboard.

I made the decision of giving her the benefit of the doubt that she was busy by continuing to talk to her, and this eventually led up to my last attempt of asking her out… which was a yes, to my surprise. Two weeks later, I had my first bang. I have used this system a few more times throughout high school and it led me to a numerous amount of bangs between three different girls, and since they were putting out, there was no more need for me to chase after them.

While this is a very niche method, it worked out great for me. Granted, I only got to try it over the span of two school years, but I was still getting laid more than any of my friends, most of which were pussy-whipped in relationships or too afraid to even try.

I look back now at the second half of my high school years and realised how it put me light years ahead compared to my peers in terms of game. While other men my age have become accustomed to game on social media, it has no practicality in the real world. For the young guys out there, I can recommend two things when it comes to building your game:

1. Start now

By starting your game at an early age and learning how to deal with female behavior, it becomes a habit.

Recently, a buddy of mine and I went to get a cup of coffee before we headed to a study group. He went to the bathroom, and while he was gone, I started chatting up a 7 to pass the time. I ended up scoring her number, and my friend came out of the bathroom in shock as he saw me talking to her. For me, it was no big deal because I had had a few years of experience under my belt, but he had never cold approached a woman in his life.

2. Hit the gym

For those who don’t go to the gym, I suggest that you start lifting at least three times a week. For some of you, this may sound odd. Believe me when I say that the gym builds confidence. Coming from a guy who used to be 6’4″ and 120 pounds, you can not understand the type of self-confidence gains you will make, especially if you are underweight or overweight.

Keep reading up on game and female behavior. I recommend Return of Kings and Roosh V’s blog as the two best places to read up on these subjects. Good luck!

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