Netflix has recently released Dave Chappelle’s latest duet of stand up comedy: “Equanimity” and “The Bird Revelation,” featuring the extremely talented, diverse, and crossover comedian himself, Dave Chappelle. While the oxymoron of black comedians crossing over and appealing to mostly non-whites hurling the “n-word” is not a new phenomenon, Chappelle offers erroneous (but undeniably humorous) political analysis of the 2016 election.

The record high stock exchange, unprecedented amounts of blacks that voted Republican, decrease in illegal immigration, 2018 tax reform bill, and acknowledgement of Israel’s capitol all fly in the face of Chappelle’s characterization of Donald Trump’s first year in office as having a “terrible go of it.”

Also accomplished in the first year of the Trump administration, whether you agree or disagree, is that the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris Agreement (climate change) while U.S. funding to the UN by has been cut by more than a quarter of a billion dollars.

The most red pill moment of Chappelle’s life

Chappelle is an extremely crafted master storyteller (this was a trait I recently realized while watching this latest release of stand up) and I have to agree with him that he is damn good at what he does as a comedian. Chappelle seemingly took the red pill when he walked away from his lucrative TV show “The Dave Chappelle Show” around 2005, partially because of how “sick” Hollywood is.

He reportedly left a lucrative contract promising him a reported $50 million. Chappelle is on record as saying that he was “stressed” and needed more family time. My recollection of the event at the time was that Chappelle realized his value at many times more than what the network would offer him and he subsequently left when the studio balked that he be payed what he was worth.

Blue pill thinking

It takes a lot of chutzpah for any man to double down and walk away from a boatload of money when he has only his gut telling him he is worth more. Despite the realization of being pimped and taking the “red pill” risk to walk away on his own terms, according to his recent Netflix release, Dave Chappelle also seems to be inexplicably blinded by blue pill preconceptions (Republicans are for the rich whites only) and the faux news media (Hillary would win by a landslide).

The recently passed tax plan was not just for the rich like Dave Chappelle. The child tax credit is almost doubled. People in Chappelle’s tax bracket will not really be impacted by this. The capping of state and local income tax at $10,000 will definitely hit Chappelle in Ohio where there is a state income and property tax.


Coal smeared faces at the polls

Chappelle says he saw “dusty white” people in line voting for Donald Trump. Chappelle claims he foreknew the results of the 2016 election because of the amounts of “pickup trucks and tractors” in the parking lots at the polls.

If what Chappelle saw is not hyperbole, wouldn’t the mainstream media of paid journalists have observed this phenomenon also? If Chappelle’s “pickups in the parking lot” observation was true, how did he interpret the mainstream media’s smug inauguration of Hillary Clinton before the polls closed?

Chappelle: let them eat cake?

Chappelle is a millionaire possibly 100 or more times over. He admittedly did not come from the “streets” or the “hood”. Sounds like he had a stable nuclear family though not as upper middle class as his white peers while growing up, so when and where did Chappelle have the opportunity to put his finger on the pulse of the black community in America?

Currently, blacks approach 80% out of wedlock child birth (over 50% abortion rates), have low education levels, and have the highest unemployment rate of men between the ages of 18-45. Chappelle proclaims that if there were only blacks at this one stand-up event that had an attendance of thousands, he would walk away with a mere $1800. Does he really speak for unemployed black America or America in general when he goes into a rant about “we don’t want those jobs anyway” towards the thousands of jobs Trump is bringing back to America?

One red pill act does not make a man red pill

How could such an observant comedic genius miss so much and be so uninformed and off the mark? The entertainment industry is mostly left leaning. Both the left and the right have a tendency to listen and hear only their respective side. However, the leftist media and entire entertainment industry have taken this to another level.

I believe there are mostly folks that defect from the left to the right and not the other way around. Once that happens, you look back and see yes, you were passionate about what you believed, but also very closed-minded to facts, ideas, and other people who did not believe the same. A Gen-Xer can look back and clearly see the propaganda fed to you from the cartoons and sitcoms to the public schools and even the church.

Is the red pill right leaning? I would say somewhat, but the red pill also provides you with the tools to filter even the things that make you laugh and call “bullshit” when needed. For those that have begun the red pill journey, we must balance where we receive our inputs and feedback. Because of heavy influence in the media and entertainment industry, a lot of leftist propaganda will be impossible to avoid. Even after a bold red pill move, we still must know our opponent, know their tactics, keep our swords sharp, and stay wary.

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