The gradual decline of Western societies haven’t stopped, although it might have bottomed out. Further, as Roosh stresses in his recapitulation of life lessons from 2017, game is getting harder. Even good-looking guys have to date down, largely due to social media-addicted girls whose egos are as big as a Brazilian butt on Copacabana.

When so much has been written and said about this topic, one may wonder if there’s something substantial to add. Although one should skip most of the basics at this point, I think that there will always be new angles and perspectives since societies and markets develop in way or another. Bloomberg does constantly write about economy while ROK focuses on game (among a variety of other subjects), and both with the understanding that these fields change, although certain principles remain constant.

While I haven’t figured out something truly innovative about the future yet, there are nevertheless a few points that need to be emphasized and show that a man can do better with the help from taking action and making proper decisions. Sometimes that process goes pretty fast, which is promising for this new year.

Style improvement

Even in urban environments I am almost startled by how bad many guys dress. For example, when I was about to enter a top-tier club in Miami for a couple of years ago, several guys in the line were not let in because they wore sneakers and badly fitting jeans. Sure there are hipsters and the corporate guys in black suits, but even them are no match for a man with a perfect balance between traditional masculinity and flamboyant metrosexuality.

I’ve realized that this type of style is so great, because it’s not just about peacocking (which is a sociobiological phenomenon) and looking more like the prototype of a celebrity, but a way to connect with women’s penchant for aesthetics. As long as you maintain masculinity you will not be looked upon as a gay fashion designer, but an urbane mating/dating prospect.

Body fat

Studies have shown that lower levels of body fat are associated with higher testosterone and greater aesthetic appeal. There are exceptions to this, such as the so-called ectomorph body type who instead has to focus on building muscles more than anything else, but most Western men have to shred down in parallel with hitting weights.

Try to hit the 10% body fat level, but realize that this is rather relative and that 12-13% are also appropriate.


Intranational migration (travel or semi-permanent)

One angle that has to be more in the focal point in the near future is intranational migration, meaning to move temporarily or permanently within one’s home country. Metropolitan cities like New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles are not representative for the entire US, but neither are fat states like West Virginia, Mississipi, Alabama and Arkansas.

Perhaps a man who feels that California and New York are too competitive for him, should try Colorado, Utah, Idaho or Montana instead. Although they are no poosy paradises there are at least difference of degrees in hell. Less of the urban whore and SJW and more of tradthots. Field reports from writers and readers are desirable.

International migration (travel or semi-permanent)

Another method is to try international love migration, such as a trip to Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, Rio De Janeiro or Bogota.

Although there are much more places than these five—like for instance Malta, Japan, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, South Korea and St. Petersburg—we know at this point that for a variety of reasons some locations are more optimal than others. That will save you both time and money. All because of sites like ROK, Roosh V Forum, and Swoop the World.

Multiple game strategies

Lastly, multiple game strategies are the way to go, although you should be extra precautious if living in SJW-infested locations like Canada, Australia, UK, US or Sweden. Be a generalist, don’t only focus on online game but use all kinds of available social circles, day game, and night games strategies. That will likely increase your chances and lead to an abundance mentality.

Game is also “evolutionary” in that sense that it naturally filters out those methods that are deemed unworthy to hold on to at the individual level. If you, for example, get most of your scores from online game and social circle game, then focus less on night game and day game (or vice versa).

In summary

I could bet that many guys already do these things, but I am also confident by saying that many don’t do them at all, and that those who have made some efforts have much more to do. Start 2018 with the plan of implementing these, in conjunction with long-term self-improvement like making more money, and you’ll eventually see some pink light in the present black tunnel.

For more of William Adams’ material, check out his website Syncretic Politics.

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