We all want to go up to our friends and say “Hey man, I’ve been dating a stripper for 2 months, what have you been up to?” As fun as that may seem, could you really handle it?

Unless you’re a stone cold killer, a player or a dude that can’t have an emotional connection, dating women like these will always be difficult but, if you can soldier on, the benefits might very well be worth the extra stress.



I’ve added strippers first on this list because dating a stripper may very well be the easiest out of the bunch. I’ve also been in a few “relationships” with strippers which means I have some experience.

The good:

The benefits here are plenty. First of all, if she’s a stripper, she’s got a rocking body. Not only that, she knows how to move and turn a guy on which when we think about it, is an outstanding quality to have as a woman.

Furthermore, knowing how to move usually also means, knows how to move in the bedroom. It’s the same with chicks that know how to dance a.k.a know how to keep a rhythm. If they can keep that rhythm on stage they could certainly keep that rhythm in the bedroom.

The Bad:

Most strippers aren’t hookers which means, most of them don’t sleep with their clientele. This means that if you’re banging a stripper that you may have met somewhere else, you can quickly get rid of that ridiculous idea out of your head. With that being said, she still gets naked (or at least topless) in front of other dudes. If this bothers you, then you can’t be dating no strippers. You need to understand that she is stripping for a living and will not stop doing it just because you said so.

Finally, most strippers have very little respect for the greasy dudes that walk into the strip club and shower her with greasy money which means that yet again, you can rest easy knowing that she won’t be banging or hooking up with the clientele. If you plan on taking this journey, make sure you don’t have a problem with your girlfriend getting naked and touching other dudes in a sleazy bar.

Live Sex Models

live sex model

Live sex models are a different story. I’m actually dating one right now and it’s what gave me the idea for this article. Anyway, these chicks are different from strippers in the sense that they take things to a different level.

The good:

On the bright side, they don’t get touched a lot by men, since most of their time is spent in front of a PC monitor with a piece of plastic/silicone/metal/glass inside their vagina.  When you do touch them, they actually like it and as shocking as this may seem, they actually get really wet when it comes to being with a man.

Still on the bright side, they won’t be digging through your pockets since they probably make A LOT more money than you. Let’s not forget that they 100% know how to turn you on.

The bad:


They get naked on camera. Not naked like a stripper, but naked and abusive with all their orifices. They do this in front of men (who are often times showing how they’re wanking off) for money. To make matters worse, the shit they see on a regular basis will blow you away. If it won’t blow you away, it will probably make your dick hide in your ass which means it’ll be really hard to show a girl like this a good time.

Also, if you’re not into this kind of thing, know that your friends and even your dad could be paying her to get naked right now.

Just because these girls know how to use a dildo in front of a webcam doesn’t mean these girls know how to have sex. They do know how to turn you on (and themselves) with a dildo, but not necessarily during sex. They never cum at work (unless it’s requested and paid for, yet often still faked) and their hole gets a whole lot of abuse on a daily basis. The sex you’ll have won’t be pretty special unless the chick you’re seeing is on a mission to satisfy you.

Finally, these women make a ton of money. That may be good if you’re a lazy cheap bastard but most men will have a problem with this. The chick I’m seeing makes around $400-$600 a day, usually not working more than 5 hours.  I don’t know what sort of job you’ve got but that’s insane for most people.



This is where stuff starts to get a lot more complicated. I’ve dated one of these chicks that I could say was doing semi-pro porn meaning it’s not the sleazy shit you get on the free sites but it’s also not the top notch BRAZZERS stuff you pay cash for.

The Good:

She can and will do the craziest shit in bed. She will know how to give you a blowjob because it comes with the job description. You can be proud of what you’ve got especially if she’s well known and you can tell your friends about it. Also, she doesn’t do that many scenes a month as the Live Sex Model so, she won’t always be sore which means she’ll bang you whenever you want.

The Bad:

The biggest issue is that she has sex with other men for a living. They do get tested, it is clean, but you’ll always know that some pornstar dude was probably banging your girlfriend today. There’s more to it than this but I if you can deal with that, you’ll probably be able to handle everything. The sex she has in front of the camera is considered work which is completely different from the sex she has with you. If you can wrap that around your head, you might just be able to pull this off.

If you’re possessive over women and believe that your girlfriend should only sleep with you, even if sleeping with other dudes doesn’t mean anything then having a pornstar chick as your girlfriend might not be the best idea.

Final Notes:

Personally, I don’t really have a problem with dating any of these women. My confidence is usually high and I’m not afraid I’m going to lose them or that one of them is cheating on me. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of them as marriage material and you probably feel the same way. With that being said, just remember that this last little fact is never something you’d want to share with them.

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