Airport game is the best form of game for the international player. Why? Because airports feature lots of attractive girls milling around looking at duty-free wine, perfume, and sunglasses in a weather-regulated indoor space ideal for day game type approaches. And if you have checked in online and arrived early then you will have plenty of time to get some approaches under your belt before you board your plane.

Airport game has been but infrequently discussed in the past by pickup artists. This is largely because airports are very transient places where people from all over gather for a brief period of time before jetting off to, well, wherever. It’s not like a bar or a club or a mall where there is a likelihood (although it is not a guarantee) that the girls you interact with are at least going to be resident in the same city as you.

This was a view that I’d largely held myself until quite recently. I had rarely approached girls in airports, with the exception of a few customers or air hostesses on the same flights as me, as I’d assumed there would be no point. After all, if you strike up a conversation with a girl headed for Moscow, a place with which you have no connections or plan to visit then, there is no immediate opportunity for you to close the deal. So why bother?

But then it struck me that this position was illogical, since I have phone contact details in my phone and on Facebook for women based all over the world anyway.

In part, this is a consequence of living in London. As it’s an international city, I have met a great many girls from all over the world here. But I have also travelled and met women in other countries too. For example, I met an American girl in Ibiza once, stayed in touch, and ended up sleeping with her a year or so later when she finally visited London on business.

Or, just this past weekend I was in Zurich catching up with friends and, while there, I was able to ‘close the deal’ with a Russian girl who lives there who I first met in London a month or so ago.

The point that I’m making is that my game has slowly become more international as time has gone by. In part, this is because I am lucky enough to live in Europe, and so have relatively easy access to a large number of different countries.

But wherever you happen to be it is undeniable that with the advent of cheaper air travel and the connectivity offered by the internet means that it’s a lot easier than it was in decades past for men and women from different places to get together.

For these reasons, when I was in Zurich airport the other morning, waiting for a flight back to London, and I saw a cute brunette glance at me from her position ahead in the queue for security, I decided to approach.

How To Approach In An Airport


Even if a guy is convinced of the potential value of airport approaching, the next mental stumbling block he is likely to encounter is what to actually say. The challenge here is trying to think of something that would make sense contextually.

At first it feels like a big ask. You are two stranger, possibly from different parts of the world, meeting randomly in a transportation hub.

But then when you stop to think about it, what better place is there to initiate a conversation? Generally speaking travel is an exciting prospect for most people most of the time (even though airport security is a real pain). Why not leverage this to socialize?

I opened the Russian girl very simply, like this:

Me: ‘Hey,’

Her: ‘Yes?’

Me: ‘I couldn’t help notice that you are very pretty. But it also looks like you are trying to buy up all the duty free in the airport before you fly. Are you a shopping addict?’

Her: [Laughs, blushes etc.]

I used this to lead into generic chat to find out where she was flying to (St. Petersburg), to confirm that she was indeed Russian, to find out how frequently she travelled to Europe (scoping out the possibility of us meeting another time), and to find out why she’d been in Zurich (‘I was visiting my boyfriend’).

We had a fizzy, flirty conversation that lasted for several minutes. In this situation, of course, I knew that the only course of action open to me was to get her contact details, which I duly did:

Look, there’s a good chance I’m going to be in St. Petersburg at some point soon [true]. Let’s exchange details and I’ll message you when I’m there.

This was enough for her to enter her digits into my iPhone. Since then she has been messaging me and, despite the ‘boyfriend,’ has now sent me over twenty pictures of herself and invited me to come over and stay in her apartment for a weekend while she shows me the city.

Where this will lead remains to be seen, but the fact is that, with minimal effort expended, I have established a contact with an attractive girl in a city I’ve been meaning to visit for some time anyway. This I can only consider a benefit of airport game. Far better that I made that approach—even though it could equally have fallen flat—than not.

For me, game is all about making connections. And as I go about my business I seek to connect with as many people as possible. After all, the downsides of doing so are minimal, whereas the upsides can be huge.

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