Thanks to the push that modern society has given, middle class white women are far too entitled to be on the receiving end of the term “fuck bitches get money,” but the concept of disregarding them and acquiring more currency remains the same. If you deal with white women less, you will in fact have more money, which in turn will translate to more nights out and more bangs. And while yes, this is technically racist, it’s only racist thanks to the social norms that white women have developed, such as getting white girl wasted.

I realize some of you are going to want some more solid evidence as to why the once favored white women is now being destined to be avoided. As such I have prepared plenty of information.


For starters, the whole reason I made this discovery was from a recent venture to the bar with a young black woman whom regularly participates at my gym. Before you panic, this event triggered my response of past experiences with women of other races, so this was not a single isolated incident, but it was however the one incident that opened my eyes. The entire night out drinking with her not once was there even the suggestion of me buying her anything. Upon my recollection I realized that no woman of any other race other than white has ever expected me to buy her jack shit. While being smart enough to realize that cardinal rule number one is to never buy women anything, it’s pretty convenient when you don’t end up in a situation of “buy me this drink or I’ll go whore myself off to another guy.” Plain and simple, no other race, other than white women, have a false sense of entitlement to go along with their acts.

Shit White Women Expect

I decided to compile a list of stupid shit white women have decided they are entitled to over the years for doing absolutely nothing more than consuming the contaminated oxygen that I need to huff for survival.


With a solid 2.0 barely graduated from college after 2 stints in tech school on academic leave, they believe they should be hired immediately for a $65,000 a year jobs to afford Coach purses and jeans that don’t fit the shape of their generally flat asses.


Free drinks for life

Thanks to the moronic nature of beta college students and desperate 40 year old men everywhere, a breeding ground of free drinks every night of the week for drunken white sluts has spread across this nation, and for it, they will drink for free until they get knocked up, which is usually around age 26.

Anything they want on a date

Dating the average white female will require deep pocket books because they will never pay for a damn thing if they have it their way. You are the man and she is the woman, and after all that means you have to buy her shit for herself while she spends her own money on well, herself.


Things Other Women From Other Races Won’t Expect From You

This is pretty simple, it’s all of the above. Women of other races tend to have too much knowledge of reality and pride to expect that another man is going to just open his wallet and start handing shit out for free. If anything, you as a man are more likely to benefit from items being purchased for you from women of other races. If you’re not a fan of a woman baking you a cake, sucking your dick, and then buying you drinks all night at the bar then you should probably leave this website now because they have a term for that, it’s called King.

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, Alice Panikian, Priscila Perales, Cristiana Frixione Mendoza

While it’s a well known fact that women are commonly desired for “showing affection” in LTR’s, Latin women are fore for passionate all around. In fact there are women of plenty of other races besides white that stay more youthful, physically fit and passionate than white women. So why haven’t most men hopped off this train already? Because everyone’s always safe with Vanilla.

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