It seems that in the midst of all the discussion concerning the value of practicing and actively working to hone one’s game, it is easy for one to lose sight of the proper end game for any red pill male. That end game is effortless attraction.

Women respond best to displays of value that are not put forward with much effort by the man himself. This is in line with their naturally heightened reliance on indirect forms of communication. They prefer to casually see a man’s value, sense it, hear about it or feel it rather than have it directly and deliberately advertised to them or shoved crudely into their faces to make a point.

This is why pre-selection is such a powerful weapon for any male. It is one thing for a male to try to DHV himself by revealing his high status directly to her (via story, routine, or whatever).

It is another when he does not do this and appears (via body language and other cues) to have absolutely no desire to do so, merely going about his business unaffected as other people (especially females) reveal his status to her with no prompting from him or as she witnesses in one way or another that he is indeed an attractive male with a lot going for him.

Men who are able to naturally convey value without consciously “DHV’ing” or trying to show higher value (showing off, running routines, etc) are, in reality, the most successful of all. They operate on a level many of us have difficulty conceiving of given the fact that so few men occupy it.


This level should be the end goal for any man attempting to learn game or wishing to embark upon a path of self-improvement. Some conscious, direct effort is necessary for men just beginning their self-improvement process. It is crucial to tearing down old limiting beliefs/behaviors and building a solid foundation for future improvements to one’s quality as a mate.

Once this foundation is built, however, the end game must be to make these improvements as subconscious and effortless as possible.

You may start out by reading about certain attractive fashions and consciously mimicking them in order to improve your style. You must end by developing and then fully embracing an attractive style that works for you, and wearing it every day as though you know nothing else.

You may start out by memorizing some interesting stories that you use to build comfort/generate interest with girls you approach. Your end game must involve making those stories and experiences a part of you, things you’ve done for your own enjoyment that you can recall and recite as easily as what you ate for dinner the night before.

You start out by using your words as your main weapon to build attraction. You end by letting your actions take on more and more of that effort. In a sense, you are able to “just be yourself”, but only after you have spent time making yourself someone truly worth being.

That is the path to “effortless attraction”, and it would benefit any young player to make its completion a primary long term goal.

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