Few things in life truly emulate the cartoon depiction of holding a carrot on a stick as motivation. The gym is that one exception. Any man who has spent a significant amount of time at the gym knows what it’s like to see the emergence of spandex pants in the winter, and booty shorts and sports bra’s in the summer on fit bodies in the gym. It’s the ultimate form of beauty for anyone into fitness, and yet like a strip club you’re quickly slapped with a do not touch policy. One could take it a step further and push it towards Hooters where you know there’s cleavage, but don’t you dare get caught staring. Yet despite all these rules and stipulations, many men still decide to attempt game in the gym, usually while failing miserably. I’m here to save you some trouble by simply saying, don’t waste your time.

The gym isn’t your normal venture. The typical rules of alpha and beta don’t apply in a conventional manner. Think of the gym as the Bermuda triangle of game. As such, in order to achieve success you’re going to have to do a lot of things that will most likely waste your time and only cause frustration, possibly some deep embarrassment.

How To Succeed

Conventional forms of game will not work in the gym because of two key factors. The first is that every man in the gym thinks he is macho whether or not he really is and therefore tries the same lame routines that work in the bar, as the majority don’t develop the true skill set needed for day game. The second is that men flocking to women in a gym puts women on a pedestal. While it’s no mystery that women always want to believe they are in control, most of the time game is just a manipulation of their perception. In the case of the gym, each mans compliments only further amplify the size of the woman’s ego which will further squander your chances of banging her.

The real key is to do two things. The first is ignore her entirely until she becomes a routine member. This does two thins. One is it eliminates any potential single time users that you really won’t ever see again. Two once she becomes a regular it sets yourself up as a common face that she is prepared to interact with. Stage two is the most backwards things you will ever do since learning game, but it works; be her friend. I know shock-waves have been sent through the universe with this one but trust me this is the only way, and a normal beta will fail miserably at this.

 In order to successfully game a woman in the gym is an extremely long drawn out process. People who actually look good at the gym are there to work on looking good and therefore don’t want their workouts interrupted much. This means your social interaction is going to be at a minimal. You’ll be lucky to get 10 minutes of conversing within one gym session. That means you’re going to have to re-establish yourself every single time for several weeks before the brief conversations become normal. The bright side is that by the time they become normal it’ll be easy to get her number and even easier to start hanging out outside of the gym, and ultimately get the bang.



Why It Isn’t Worth It

There’s a few key reasons why it’s not worth your effort but trust me, they’re all worth paying attention to. What you decide to do is ultimately up to you. You also might say that they aren’t that out of the ordinary compared to normal women, and that’s also somewhat true.

The first is simply that it takes too much time to game a woman at the gym. If you’re going regularly and the opportunity presents itself then sure, go for it. But actually knowingly putting forth effort towards a woman in the gym is not worth your time. Statistically speaking any woman you meet is at pretty bad odds for being successful, but that’s life. The key is as men we find ways to minimize the effort while maximizing the number to get a high quantity return on minimal effort. Gym game is going to be maximal effort for minimum quantity.

Secondly, if you do make it far enough to get her number she’s likely a head-case with an extremely large ego. if she’s an attractive woman from the gym she’s used to getting all the attention in the world which means if you withdraw that attention, and you will because you read this website and know that no woman deserves that value, she’s going to bail immediately. She’s also not likely to give it up very quickly so you’ll be playing this yes princess charade for a while. Any man with any sense of humility knows that no woman is worth that bullshit.

Lastly is simply the humility of the whole concept. While if you succeed and things go well and by some miracle nothing goes wrong with the whole ordeal you’ll be looked at as awesome, if you screw up the repercussions will be ten-fold. Every woman whom your girl socializes with during cardio, which women do often, will hear about it.

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Ultimately the decision on whether or not to go ahead with gym game is your own choice. Personally if it naturally occurs for the interaction I’m not 100% opposed to it, but I’ll also be damned if I ever deliberately put forth the effort towards it. I had been curious for some time and eventually tried it out of boredom. If you want my opinion though, gym game is just simply too much effort for too minimal of a reward.

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