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July 11th, 2013

How To Turn A Feminist Into Your Sex Slave


Why the hell would you want to turn a Feminist into your own Sex Slave? Because it’s fun, that’s why, and it’s what they want deep down, no pun intended. I’ve never met a feminist who didn’t actually want to be dominated sexually in a mutually consenting sexual relationship between two adults. It’s what they CRAVE. Here’s your How-To Guide gentlemen.


5. Meet A Feminist

This should be easy for you lads in major cities. If you don’t live in a major metropolis, then start with your local college campus, whether that’s a major university or local community college. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of feminist studies classes at public colleges.

Focus on the feminist studies classes, where the girls searching for answers are just begging to be led. Now understand that this mission is one where you must tread lightly and adopt a different mentality in order to be successful. Retain your alpha personality, but be agreeable about a feminists’ RIGHT TO SEXUAL CHOICE. This is key, because you must be laid back and focused on helping her experience varying degrees of sexual experiences without verbal judgment or commentary.

Your alpha attitude must be displayed enough to attract her, which it will, despite her rigid attitude of not wanting a ‘bad boy’, but laid back enough that she will feel safe enough to explore different facets of her sexuality in a casual manner.


4. Fuck Her

You have to walk before you can run, so run standard game to get her in bed. The small but very important difference in the game you run, besides the aforementioned, is to subtly show support for feminism and to throw in a couple of vocal comments regarding it. This has to be done lightly or she will see right through it. Say something like the below while in bed with her after you finally fuck her. This might take a couple of times of having sex with her for it to come off naturally, so feel it out.

You: “You know, it is important for a girl to be able to be sexual without being called a slut. Society has to keep loosening up, so women aren’t judged. You’re not a slut; it’s your right to fuck who you want and I admire that you own that.” (You may struggle keeping a straight face, but stay strong gents)

Her: “Wow, you know NO guy has ever said that to me. It’s like mostly if I say I want a threesome with two guys, they actually JUDGE me and make me feel like a whore which I’m not! If it’s okay for a guy to be with two girls then it should be totally cool for me to fuck two guys at once.”

You: “Exactly. I think it might be a turn-on actually.”

Her: “You get me!”

You: “I do. Now sit on my cock again.”

Her: “Ok” (smiles and slides onto your cock for Round 2)

When fucking her make sure to completely DOMINATE her. Most feminist girls crave being fucked dominately. Most girls in general do, but feminists especially. Fuck her hard and good. Feel free to use your imagination. The sheets should be wet from her pussy juice and sweat.


3. Escalate Sexual Situations

After you have her Addicted To Your Dick, start suggesting varying sexual experiences to share together. Here’s a list of ‘activites’ to suggest and verbal examples to accompany them.

Sex Shop

You: “Have you ever been to a sex shop? My cousin went to one and said it’s hysterical, let’s check it out.”

Take her to a sex shop and check out EVERYTHING. Look for clues. You can tell a lot about what a girl may be curious about, because her eyes will linger on certain toys etc. Be playful, but not a fucking comedian. You’re not Jim Carey, so be playful and light, but do not judge no matter what.

The exception would be if she grabs a strap-on dildo and suggests using it on you. At that point, if a feminist were to suggest that, then say you’re not into that, but would like to watch her use it on another girl. Situation averted and you just opened up the threesome scenario. If she persists, then say you’re going to use the restroom and walk away never to see her again.



You: “Have you ever kissed a girl?” She will more than likely say yes, and escalate from there.

You: “Did you like kissing her?”

You: “I think it would be cool to watch a girl go down on you.” (Flip this if it seems like she would like to go down on a girl. Note her dominance levels)

Have a damn threesome. Once this world is opened up; the sky is the limit. Make sure though that it’s not a Viewing Threesome, i.e. her and a girl go to town munching carpet and you’re sitting in the corner of the hotel room on a dank ass chair masturbating furiously. Fuck that. You’re the man and they need to serve you. If the only way to get her to warm up to a threesome is to start with that, then you might want to try it, but generally speaking this backfires. Go for the gold.

Sex Club

You: “That threesome was really sexy. You know what I’ve always wanted to do? Have sex in front of other people. My cousin Joe Blow went to this sex club and said it was a blast. He fucked his girlfriend in front of like twenty people. She loved it.”

Check out sex clubs and pick one which seems classy. It might be a rotating party as well. Major cities have private groups which you have to be accepted into and then they notify you of the location generally the day of or the day before. Take her and have sex in front of people. Make sure that YOU are involved in each sexual situation. This is about making her your sex slave to the 9th degree and getting her wrapped up in you. Even hardcore feminists have the ability to develop feelings towards a guy.


You: “I came so hard tying you up with my tie when you asked me to. How about we get some toys and see how we like it?”

Her: “My pussy was sooooo wet! Yea, let’s!”

Go buy some toys and experiment. The point of this is to get her comfortable to the point that you eventually are doing BDSM activities at the sex club in front of people. There are countless BDSM ways for two consenting adults to have fun with. Do your research and make sure that EVERYTHING you do is consensual. There’s a reason why the book 50 Shades of Grey has sold over 70 million copies worldwide.


2. Turn Her Out

This is part where you reap the rewards of putting up with her feminist babble for weeks or months while gaining her confidence sexually. Have you enjoyed yourself? Sure. Have you been annoyed with having to agree with her feminist rants while on the way to the sex club to fuck in ‘public’? More than likely. Now it’s time to up the ante and complete your goal: turning her into your consensual sex slave.

Start with a small request. After she has had threesomes with you, ‘public’ sex and had a ball gag in her mouth, she will be open to your requests. Suggest she blow your buddy next time he stops by for a beer and convo. Pull her aside and tell her she should go suck his dick while you mow the lawn.

Now you might be like why the fuck would I do that? It’s simple. You NEVER planned on keeping this feminist around. You NEVER intended to have a healthy relationship with her. You planned to turn her out and dump her specifically BECAUSE she’s a feminist.

Start with the blowjob request for your buddy, then turn it into, “Well my buddy Johnny Jones is coming back from Iraq and hasn’t fucked a girl since 2011. Let’s have him over and you should fuck him. It’s for your country, sweetheart. He served; now it’s your turn.”

Unless she is the biggest slut known to mankind, the feminist will start questioning these requests. She will probably follow through at first, due to you having reaffirmed her ‘Right to her own body and being sexual with whoever and whenever’, but eventually, because she is a WOMAN, and woman and men are DIFFERENT in terms of sexuality, her feelings will emerge and she’ll start to become difficult, due to her desire to “only be with you”.

This is when you drop the hammer…


1. Reveal And Dump

All of your ‘hard’ work comes to this magical moment. You’ve experienced just about everything sexually and consensually, and her feelings have emerged. At this point she has feelings for you and wants to perhaps have a relationship or move ‘to the next step’. Here’s how you drop the hammer in the most effective manner possible:

Take her to dinner

Say you have a surprise for her and to meet you at XYZ restaurant on a certain day and at a certain time and you’d like for her to look extra pretty. In her Feminist Hamster brain she’ll think she has already won and that you’re going to offer commitment. Poor thing doesn’t realize that a man of high value would never commit to a feminist slut. Anyways, I’ll take that steak medium rare waiter…

Treat her extra well at dinner

Act excited about what you’re going to talk about. Build the anticipation. Make her be almost begging you to tell her what you have to say.

Reveal yourself

Draw this out but essentially say something to this affect:

You: “So the reason I wanted you to join me for dinner is to tell you something. I’m very happy with you and I love spending time you. You’re so open sexually and that’s so refreshing.”

Her: “I love being with you too. What is it?!”

You: “It’s over Ms. Feminist. I only have been agreeing with your femi-nazi bullshit babble for weeks/months to turn you out sexually, show you what a worthless slut you are and allow you to wallow in a puddle of tears and contemplate your degrading acts. In the life of this planet I would never consider any kind of relationship with you. Waiter! The check please.”

Waiter: “Here you go sir.” (He slides it over to you because they generally defer the check to the man)

You: “Oh no, the feminist is paying. She want’s to act like a man of her own free will, then she can pay like a man.” (Slide the check to her side of the table, stand up, smile broadly and walk away)

Mission Complete.

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