I got into day game a year ago after reading Roosh’s Day Bang. Though I am an introvert by nature, I was intrigued by the prospect of meeting high quality girls without having to deal with the ubiquitous nuclear bitch shields I’d encountered at bars and clubs. From approach number one, I kept a journal to help me reflect and improve with each interaction. I’ve been on a day game kick lately, so here are five excerpts from my journal that demonstrate the range of outcomes that will happen:

Approach #1

I had just finished reading Day Bang and began forcing myself into more day approach situations. I was getting coffee at a Starbucks when a slender, ethnic-looking girl walked in behind me. The blood rushed to my face as I lamely asked her whether the coffee mugs on display were any good. She mentioned something about putting soup in them, and I began staccato-like 2 minute ramble on the subject of soup. I was sure I’d blown it with such a dumb monologue but, to my astonishment, she began asking me questions about what I did and where I lived. She said she was in the area for her therapist appointment, but “I’m not crazy.” Lozzlozlzol. I asked for her number and she said she had a boyfriend.

Pros: Got approach #1 out of the way. Rambled on a bit about stupid, non-threatening things. Dropped elements of GALNUC routine in the book (got name, asked where she usually hung out). Got her asking questions during silences.

Cons: Mind went blank several times and probably started sweating. Used goofy subject matter. Probably smiled too much

Approach #2

I’d seen this girl before reading books at the coffee shop next door and generally looking pretty bored. Opener: “Do you have to reserve this seat ahead of time or is it always open?” We talked for a bit and she was polite but seemed uninterested in anything I had to say. She mentioned her job, so I asked about it but she did not return any questions. She said she didn’t get out much, so I offered to grab a drink with her and show her some places. She said she had a boyfriend and I told her they should come out with my friends sometime and got her number.

Pros: None

Cons: None

Approach #3

Saw her at a coffee shop while I was waiting for my drink. She was alone at a 4-person table, and made eye contact with me while she was looking around. I caught her doing it again two minutes later. I set up at a table about 15 feet away, with a clear sight line but not directly in front of her. After 10 minutes or so I walked up and delivered my opener: “Excuse me, you look absorbed in this book. What’s the topic?” She talked about reading books for grad school and seemed receptive to conversation, asked me to sit down very quickly. She asked about my job, and we had a lengthy conversation. It was 70-30 split of questions-rambling on my end, but rapport seemed good. I ran part of Roosh’s GALNUC routine and got her number to get a drink sometime. She seemed genuinely interested and I got her to laugh a couple times. We ended up going on a couple of dates.


Pros: Identified initial interest and capitalized on it. Left afterwards, didn’t hang around weirdly.

Cons: Probably should have ended it earlier. Still asked more questions than I should have, didn’t ramble enough. Too much “interview.”

Approach #4

Saw a strikingly beautiful girl walk into the coffee shop. My heart started beating immediately so I knew I had to approach. She looked around for a place to sit and settled near the back. I walked up to her and asked her about her computer, rambled a bit about needing a new one but did not continue long enough before asking her questions. I was more nervous than usual. She said she had just moved to town for art school and she hadn’t found much to do. I eventually asked for her number. Her exact words: “I’m not really in a position where I want to be giving out my number right now.” I told her it was nice meeting her and headed out.

Pros: Approached a very cute girl despite anxiety.

Cons: Didn’t ramble enough. Talked about “get your number” rather than “show you around” or something more innocuous. Need to develop better rambles

Approach #5

Noticed her from across the coffee shop but the seating arrangement was sub-optimal, with her at small table at the wall and me on the opposite side of the store with no space to sit down. She was using a laptop but appeared to be glancing up once in a while, not completely engrossed in what she was doing. I waited for someone to leave and then snaked a seat two tables away.

I asked how she liked her laptop and rambled a bit more than usual about wanting to get something I could travel with, talked about how iPad was good but a tool for consumption and not production, etc. She was very receptive and started asking me questions about what I was doing there, where I went to school, etc. We talked for a few minutes, and I told her I had to get going but said we should get a drink sometime and asked for her number. She asked for my Facebook and I told her I didn’t have one. She gave me her number and we exchanged a few texts later that night. We ended up dating for a while.

Pros: Approached a very attractive girl with sub-optimal logistics. Rambled longer than usual to create more comfort, which had been a problem in past approaches. Did not cave into beta-bait Facebook request.

Cons: None.

These five approaches amounted to several pleasant conversations, two promising numbers, and one quasi-relationship. All it took to be in these situations was drinking coffee and reading my book, which I would have been doing otherwise. They also illustrate the contrast between day and night approaches; the conversations were all pleasant, and the worst daytime blowout I received was when a girl made a lame excuse for not giving out her number. If you’re not talking to women during the day, make it a habit.

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