I find myself one week into an alleged “LTR” (long term relationship).

After intermittently dating this girl for one month and having shot down a couple “boyfriend proposals”, I gave in – for the first time in years.

The sex is good, I like the girl, and I have been too busy to game of late. That was my rationale, at least.

But after just one week, I know this is not a commitment I can keep. Like many of you, I was born to game. And exclusivity is not an option.

Whether it’s a cute co-worker, the sexy waitress, or a hot body walking down the street – the burning desire to approach, flirt, and bang is ever-present. And this is as it should be.

The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

I sit at dinner with my new girlfriend. Our waitress approaches.

Sexy long nails, a small, tight body, and devilish eyes – the straw.

Throughout the course of the meal basic flirting occurs – and loads of intense eye contact from across the room. As we conclude, I urge my companion to use the restroom – my opportunity to close.

I approach the waitress, ask where the men’s room is… and that is all. During the remainder of the night I run through this scenario in my head ten times. I feel like I did the first time I went out “gaming.” Overcome with regret. Yes, I was out with my girlfriend. But somehow that does not matter. The need to game weighs heavy on my shoulders. My decision is made.


The Need

After a couple hundred or so approaches, I believe we cross the line.

We no longer must use all the willpower we have to push through and approach. We develop the need.

Instead of feeling knots in your stomach and thinking of excuses – you smirk and begin your advance on the target.

Instead of looking for a way out of your interactions – you push forward for the close.

Instead of looking at your cell phone for hours typing and deleting potential text messages – you send out the same basic thread to arrange a meetup ASAP.

And once you have experienced a complete loop – approach, touch, kiss, bang – you are hooked. The need to game has sprung its root deep inside your core. You have crossed the point of no return.

When To Stop


Or possibly when you meet someone with whom you are convinced you can spend the rest of your life.

But I will be honest – I don’t know. I don’t have the answer to this question. I am still young.

This brief relapse has triggered something inside of me. A new energy emerges. Maybe we could all use a break here and there.

A break that still involves copious amount of sex, preferably.

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