The number one thing any man can do to skyrocket his success with women is to just start talking to them more. Just saying hi will put you ahead of 99% of guys. Hell, even making small talk with cashiers, waitresses, cab drivers, etc. will help your game. Most people are glued to their cellphones, genuinely terrified of basic social interaction outside of their social circle. I could count the number of times I’ve seen a “day approach” on one hand and the amount of times I’ve seen approach at night hasn’t even hit triple digits yet.

A thread titled “A glimpse of 1987 America” stirred up a  lot of discussion a while back. A lot of people couldn’t believe how friendly the people were, how they weren’t terrified of one another,  how they weren’t glued to their smart phones. I’m not saying that is how everything was back then, but when is the last time you’ve seen something like that during the day? What about at night? Facebook has replaced the intended function of bars/clubs. Rarely do people go there and try to meet other people or just be social with everyone around them.

I was at a bar a little while ago on a trip with some friends eating a late dinner while discussing girls and dating. They’re moderately blue pill and I was pushing them to go approach some girls, or in the very least help me approach one of the many groups of girls at the venue. Then I saw the most cringe worthy approach I’ve seen in recent times. A group of 5 guys walked past, visibly drunk, and pointed out a table of very beautiful women. I can only assume these guys were a bachelor party and what they were about to do was a dare because they were dressed like total idiots: golf visor with frosted tipped hair sticking out the top, ill-fitting cargo shorts and a faded polo. These guys screamed “beta”.


They surrounded the table of hot twentysomethings that 99% of males would be scared to talk to and start obnoxiously singing “She’s lost that lovin feelin.” I grab the popcorn and wait for the hilarity to unfold. Nothing happens. The girls sit there awkwardly looking at one another. About halfway through the song once they realize whats going on they start opening up and laughing. After they finish, all 5 of these guys sit down at the girls’ table and talk to them for at least 30 minutes.

Only then did I realize that you have to fuck up horrifically bad or even provoke her for a girl to harshly reject you. The worst rejection I’ve ever had was going up to these two very hot 19 year olds and having them just look at me without saying anything until I left a few seconds after. Most women are like most men: timid, scared, and lacking confidence. Yes, women gain more confidence in a group, under the influence of alcohol and with catty friends, but most women don’t have the balls to call someone out for being “creepy” or “awkward” they just wait until you’re gone until they do so.

I had this one girl  I saw for the better half of last year, she’d have to bus for over an hour to come see me. Her bus route was through the bad part of town where all the crackheads and mentally ill reside so she always had some good stories. More than once she would tell me about some cracked out old dude sitting next to her who was saying the most bizarre shit. She once had a guy with 3 teeth propose to her and she had another guy offer her drugs. What did she do about them? She got off the bus on the next stop or just sat somewhere else, that’s it.

If I ever get that feeling of approach anxiety I know its time to just start talking because the only other guys approaching out there are crackheads, senior citizens, and homeless people. Even if you’re the most boring dude with no game you’ll be a breath of fresh air to a woman who regularly has to deal with guys who profess their undying love, offer drugs or even sing songs from old movies. What’s the worst that could happen?

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