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As a single man who has developed skills in seduction and no doubt taken advantage of countless opportunities, you will quickly reach a point where you have to manage a significant number of women until finding the one you love. Some women you meet become regular sex-partners, some only one-night stands, and yet others are to be deeper discovered.

But juggling many relationships, even superficial ones, can lead to many difficulties. If you’ve experienced the following three signs, you may have already reached a breaking point where you can not easily manage all your female contacts.

1. Your brain can not handle all the information required

She wants you to remember the details

Women you interact with give a lot of information they expect you to remember, but assuming you don’t have a deep relationship with all of them, your memory will eventually fail you.

With time, you may face awkward situations during which you can not remember things she told you, like her last painful breakup, her last amazing trip abroad, family issues, or her (un)preferred sex practices (which you should better not confuse with another girl’s), and we’re not even talking about all the details potentially related to logistics which you have to record somewhere anyway (addresses, door entry code, her clothing sizes, online profile URLs, etc.).

2. You often lose the menstruation lottery

"We can't tonight."

“We can’t tonight.”

It’s a question of probability that the more sexually active you are (with multiple women), the more frequently you may face the last minute rejection excuse of a girl saying she’s on her period. At this point, you may want to clarify in your mind the nature of your relationship with her. Is it mainly for sex or do you want to do non-sexual activities together and eventually to build a deeper relationship?


If you’re mainly seeing her for sex, make her understand that you should not meet again only to watch a movie, or else you’ll get the excuse regularly. But sometimes, your intentions are not yet clear, or you don’t want to hurt her by being so direct. In that case, you can still trace your sex-partners’ menstruation cycle on a calendar, so you can easily guess when to better meet them the next time and when to delay your meetings.

3. You don’t remember who’s who

“Who the hell is this?”

Let’s assume you often meet many girls in a short amount of time on top of going on multiple dates alongside having multiple online conversations in various messenger apps or social networks. That much activity is sure to lead to confusion, and you probably have already felt how it’s sometimes hard to remember who’s behind a contact in your phone despite you saved it only a few days before. You may have to regularly check your phone history to figure out who’s who and when to better text or call, which is an annoying process.

Smart men get the right tool they need

If you are not (or not yet) a monogamist, and have experienced the above problems, you need to organize and centralize the information you want to remember for each girl you meet. Since your mind was not naturally built to handle multiple women simultaneously, a tool is needed.

The problem of information overlap has been common since the modern pick-up scene started, but thankfully there are now better solutions than your father’s notebook, your phone’s standard apps, or even some business collaboration apps that are not initially designed for woman management.

Have a look at the Player’s Toolkit, a full-fledged women management app for men in their prime to seamlessly date many women. As a special offer for ROK readers, you can download Player’s Toolkit on Google Play for FREE until December 5 by clicking here.

Here’s a video which shows it in action…

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