The kingdom of Morocco is a post-colonial country made up mainly of Arabs and Amazigh (Berber) people. As a result of its past but also its proximity, the nation is still heavily influenced by its northern neighbours, yet it retains a very distinct culture of its own with Sunni Islam as the overwhelmingly majority religion. It occupies the most north-western part of Africa with the Atlantic covering its entire western shore and the Mediterranean to its north.

If you speak French you’ll have an easier time as the locals speak it more than English.

What you can expect to find

Beautiful women seem to be in abundance and are more than happy to be approached by a foreigner with light features. In fact, depending on the environment, they may even initiate the interaction. This may be in part due to their exotic looks in relation to many people visiting Morocco and the novelty factor.

For the most part, you’ll find that the women have very swarthy features, usually dark brown to jet black hair and brown eyes. Skin colour varies a lot, from very white European looking to dark brown, which can be observed following a north-south pattern. You could compare South American girls to them as in they have similar facial features and are very curvy. Racially, they are comparable to Iberians, who of course colonised and settled much of Latin America.

Being not only a Muslim country but also ruled by an Islamic dictatorship, which basically means the law of the land is drawn from their own interpretation of the Koran, Morocco is very conservative and patriarchal. People have very close families and are expected to follow traditional norms. Therefore, the hook-up lifestyle of the West is not acceptable, or at least on the surface.

However, women do have almost equal rights and are not expected to cover up (the burqa is actually banned). It is somewhat of a free country and I think the best way to describe it politically is a benevolent dictatorship with the king allowing enough free trade and limited dissent to keep people from full on revolt.

The Tinder match rate I experienced was unprecedented, approximately 1 in 3 and more than 50% of these replied to my first message. Living in the UK in a medium sized town, I’ve always had a 1 in 8 or 10 match ratio and 20% reply rate. So, within a matter of days I had more conversations than I could manage.

You will be more respected simply for being male

Flakiness is rare so if a girl agrees to meet, you won’t get some last-minute lame excuse like “oh my friend recently broke up from her boyfriend and needs moral support”. You don’t need to be this overly extroverted entertainer to keep a girl’s attention either; you can be normal.

Remember, in Muslim countries men are still respected by women and girls will be more honest with you. A girl even said she was “lucky” to meet me! Back in Western Europe, most men are scrambling and tripping over themselves just to get a girl’s attention, only to be used as a self-esteem prop that these wannabe narcissistic goddesses need to maintain their pseudo confidence. So as long as you’re not a completely spineless beta, you’ll do just fine.


The honey trap

Beware! Premarital sex is illegal in Morocco, although hard to prove if reported. Corruption is rife so if the police are involved, you could find yourself in a sticky situation if you can’t offer a “payment” to “resolve” the problem.

In night clubs especially, you will find very friendly girls offering themselves to you rather easily—too easily in fact. These are de facto prostitutes and you should tread carefully. They’ll ask you to go to another club with her and some friends and then perhaps back to her apartment. Sometimes it’s innocent and she’ll simply use you to buy drinks before going back to her place for a 400 Dirham (around £35).

Once I found myself in the bar buying another round of drinks when this girl and three of her friends were begging me to go with them to another club. As the barman served me, he leaned over and said “don’t go”. I took his advice—this is a commonly used tactic to rob unsuspecting horny male tourists distracted by these long-haired curvy Moroccan honey traps. About an hour before, I’d tipped the same barman 20 Dirham, which is a lot over there, therefore my unwitting generosity probably saved me a lot of hassle.

If you meet a girl and want to spend the night together, it could be difficult if you’re staying in a hotel. The staff won’t allow unmarried couples to share a room or to bring girls back who are not guests. You could try sneaking her in but that would be risky. Your best bet is renting a private apartment and keeping a low profile.

When on a date they rarely look at their phone and will have their eyes fixated on you. Other than the obvious differences shared which serve as a good topic of conversation, you can talk about anything. You won’t have any trouble keeping her attention as long as you don’t do or say anything creepy.

I found the best way to get a Moroccan girl into bed was to arrange a day time date first, like a walk along the beach depending on which city you’re in. Follow it with an evening date in a bar or restaurant. To avoid drawing too much attention I’d recommend not holding hands or showing signs of affection. This actually adds to the sexual tension: when you get back to your apartment she won’t be able to hold back and things will escalate very quickly.

I kept in contact with several women after leaving. I then got into a relationship with a girl in the town I currently live in. Another girl blocked me after I told her, only to message me a few weeks later asking me to come back over to her place, saying, “Don’t worry I won’t tell your girlfriend”. In short they’ll tolerate you sleeping with other women.

A coastal city in southern Morocco


Morocco is definitely a place to go if you want to find beautiful women who have not been poisoned by cultural Marxism. Also, it’s a beautiful country with vast deserts, a large mountain range and an amazing coastline, and your money goes a long way. Just don’t fall for the pushy sales tactics locals use, and always negotiate on prices.

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