One of the drawbacks of getting deep into game and studying all its subtleties and nuances is that there’s a danger you’ll stop seeing the wood for the trees. After all, in the end, what is the point of game? It’s to meet and connect with attractive women.

Yes, there are certain mindsets, and multiple techniques and approaches you can employ. But the basic actions required to approach a girl and get her contact details are supremely straightforward. If time or other constraints prevent you from entering into a long, elaborate ‘routine’ then you’d be foolish not to at least try ‘cut-to-the-chase game’.

What do I mean by ‘cut-to-the-chase game’? Essentially, when you approach a women you are looking to do a minimum of three things—introduce yourself, indicate that you are attracted to her, and take her contact details.

In a more sophisticated model you are also aiming to spike attraction, to realise the benefits of push-pull, to tease, and to position yourself as the alpha male she cannot afford to pass up. You can do these things in stripped-down ‘cut to the chase game’ too. But the core of what you will be doing is simply, well, cutting to the chase.


I’ll give you an example. One of the hottest girls I ever met, Anna, I pulled through cut-to-the-chase game. She was blonde, with long, slender legs visible through the slit in her black dress. She was wearing heels in the day time, unheard of in London.

She was coming out of a chemist’s store. I saw her, and I had that false, innate feeling of ‘she’s out of my league’ that even experienced players get when they spy a particularly attractive woman. It was also clear that she was in a hurry. She was walking quickly towards the ticket barriers of the London underground.

My mind performed its rapid, involuntary calculations. Taking into account her speed and the proximity of the gate, there was no way I’d be able to deliver my usual day game spiel—or it was unlikely, anyway. I had a choice. Either I let her walk out of my life forever, or I attempt some ‘cut-to-the-chase’ game.


I chose the latter.

‘Hey,’ I said. Anna stopped, and fixed me with her crystal-clear blue eyes. ‘I just saw you shopping. I’m going back to work now, but I think you’re cute. I’d love to take you for a drink sometime.’

Momentarily she was confused, blindsided by my directness. Then she spoke.

‘OK,’ she said.

‘Here, put your number in my phone,’ I said, handing it to her. She tapped at it with her beautifully-manicured fingers then passed it back to me.

‘I have to go now,’ she said. ‘I’m on my way to the airport.’

And then she disappeared into the crowd.

I didn’t expect anything. But a while later I sent my customary follow-up message.

‘Nice meeting you before. Are you always so friendly to strangers? ;)’

I heard nothing, but to my surprise I received a reply the next day.

‘Hey, I am sorry for this late reply. Now I am in Moscow.’

It turned out that Anna was a student who’d just graduated. She was going home to spend a little time with her parents before returning to London where she was to take up a job in the aeronautical industry.

We pinged increasingly flirtatious messages to one another for the remainder of the week. Then, when she was back, we met for cocktails.

The rest of that summer was a lot of fun.

There are two key lessons that I took from this experience which I hope will be useful for you too. Firstly, as long as you have your shit together—that is, you look good, you are confident, you have strong body language and so on—then that plus the approach itself can be enough to spark attraction.

Secondly, assuming all of these things are in place, if you take action, even if it means not running ‘perfect game’, then there is a chance you will enjoy a favourable outcome.

Yes, it’s sometimes easy to stop seeing the wood for the trees. But think about what the essence of a pickup is, what it is you’re trying to achieve. By all means put into practice the more elaborate strategies you have at your disposal. But if all else fails, don’t be afraid to keep things simple and do the minimum required to achieve your goals.

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