Does a man improve himself and make certain lifestyle choices, such as to traveling and lifting weights, in order to be better with girls, or are girls just a positive side effect from those choices?

Sometimes it might not even matter which starting point one has. For example, a couple of years ago I went to Morocco to experience the local culture for a week or so, but still happened to run into some Spanish women. Or conversely, when I primarily went to East Asia to meet women but happened to pass by a Buddhist temple and talk to a monk (in Korean) for several hours. I also think that a man’s motives and interests tend to be multifarious, although it is hard to argue against the fact the 24/7 sperm production is one of the underlying causes.

In this article I will focus on the positive side effects from running game, and also show how a man can do it in such a way that he optimizes both his finances and well-being. A player always puts himself first.

1. Your muscles get bigger

The positive consequences from resistance training have been covered numerous times so I will not dwell on that. Regardless of you have zero sex or a three-digit notch count, it is something that you should engage in, more or less, year after year. Only losers quit because it is “boring” or doesn’t make you a global fitness star on Instagay.

Natural bodybuilding is also a cheap pursuit. A gym membership, a few supplements, and regular food are nothing compared to fatties going to McDonald’s or Starbucks five times a week. So if it is one key that will help to unlock a girl’s revolving door, it is not an expensive one.

2. Your style improves

Style is great and just three nice suits and the same number of pair of shoes can make a huge difference with regard to your level of flamboyancy. Some brands are quite expensive, but good news for you is that multiple items can be found on large discount.

For instance, a Calvin Klein suit costs about 300 dollars with 50% discount, and a pair of nice shoes costs about 100 dollars under similar conditions. Of course, cheaper items should largely be consumed during sales periods. In the process of being more attractive to the opposite sex, you have improved yourself.

3. You find better places to eat and drink


There are indeed great costs involved when a man engages in upper-scale nightgame or even is stupid enough to go to hostess bars and take part in similar pastimes with extremely low ROI.

But there are of course several price levels to found, both locally and globally, and generally the semi-fancy places are the way to go when it comes to nightclubs, bars and restaurants. In fact, some cheap places offer surprisingly good quality of food, drinks and women. Part of game is to be well-informed.

4. You avoid gold diggers

This point is largely related to the just above-mentioned: avoid the pure gold diggers if you are not planning on making a Machiavellian move on a sugar daddy dating site. They are simply not worth it. When you are interested in game you know what to focus on and what to avoid.

5. You avoid over-drinking

For both economic and physical reasons, a wise man drinks alcohol selectively. For sure a couple of beers or drinks with friends are definitely okay once in a while, but generally he saves it for the nights when he knows he has a chance to score. This is particularly important due to the decline of night game.

Typically I drank more as a student and nowadays I mostly drink on weekends while traveling. Make sure to find those moments that are worth it and be good-looking, confident and determined. Even if you fail in the mission of finding a bed companion, so what? Neither your body nor your bank account will take more than slight notice.


As has been demonstrated above, a man does not need to spend a lot of money to be successful since there are multiple strategies to use in order to avoid large expenses. Neither does he do what he does for someone else than himself, at least primarily. Even if he happens to be the exact opposite of successful he can still enjoy all the non-sexual yet positive side effects from natural bodybuilding, nice clothes, travel, and so on.

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