There is an ongoing debate concerning the utility and effectiveness of online dating. Quite often the opinions tend to generalize the advantages and shortcomings of this type of tool, forgetting the specifics of local context. A good example of that is Russia (or Russian speaking countries), which is on a league of its own concerning online dating.

Over there its use is widespread and considered a normal practice for meeting people as any other. While in most Western nations many of the dating sites are used by girls with the single purpose of getting validation and a legion of beta followers, in Russia they deliver the real deal: if you follow some simple rules, your chances of meeting a beautiful sexy girl are pretty high.

There are indeed some pre-conditions to be successful in the use of these sites, especially if you are a foreigner. Most of the websites (like, for example) will have an English version, so to navigate them wont be a problem. Still, one of the most important factors to grant an unprecedented rate of success for a non-native is to have a good command of the Russian language.

Don’t get me wrong: by using English you will still be able to talk and engage with a significant number of Russian ladies. You will also be able to score with a considerable number of them. However, the scope of girls that you will be able to reach out to will be significantly reduced and, believe me, there are girls on those websites that you would hate to miss out. So try to grasp at least the basics of Russian language before trying this approach. That investment will pay you back big time.

Russian girls from Penza looking for an online date

The other important factor, when you sign up for one of those Russian dating sites, is to have presentable photos (either displaying some wealth or taken in exotic locations). Don’t be too shy to display your material assets.

Girls find well-to-do men very attractive, even if physically you will be out of shape. Lastly, try to disguise, as much as possible, the fact that you are just a passing by tourist (if that will be the case). With the easiness of renting a flat nowadays, you can effortlessly make up a story that you are an expat or a frequent business traveler to Russia. It’s important for the girls to feel that there is a slight chance of continuity or of a relationship, in order for you to be able to seal the deal faster. They are tired and wary of sex tourists.

What to expect

The quality of the girls in Russian dating websites is way above average. If you exclude the unavoidable attention whores (they are everywhere nowadays), your difficulty will be to chose where to start. The possibility that you will get a phone number and even a webcam chat just after a few minutes of conversation is really high.

From then onward, you can pretty much decide on how fast you want things to happen. A good example of that came out recently when some Russian youtubers decided to play a bit with online dating and literally push the boundaries of what kind of results you can achieve.

Another day in the life of a young couple in Russia

These quite popular Youtubers are a couple that lives in Penza, a city 600 Kms southeast of Moscow. They became well known in Russia with a series of weekly comical sketches that are called “The Beauty and the Beast”.


Basically they portray the life of a young Russian couple, with a comical twist and a blunt depiction of how relationships work in that country. Needless to say that most of the episodes would be considered by Western feminists “appalling and outrageous to the female condition”, which makes it for another good reason to actually follow them. The other detail is that the girl in the videos is, actually, quite sexy.

Caption from one of their episodes

A few weeks ago they posted something different in their YouTube channel. With a mix of humor and a touch of social experiment, they decided to test the boundaries of online dating, while filming the whole thing.

The plot was quite simple: a user profile in a dating website was created, using one of the guys that plays a minor role in their sketches. Since he didn’t look exactly like a movie star, they dressed him up and made a couple of photos of him, next to a friends car. The car, although of a recent model, was not from any of the top brands that Russians appreciate (usually, of German manufacturers).

In a matter of minutes the profile was live and they started to chat with girls. Initial success was quite easy and, as they show on the video, one of the girls even sent them a photo in her panties, after just a few messages. Interestingly enough, one of the first questions she made was: “Is the car yours?”

The whole thing was funny but, by itself, not worthy of an YouTube video. They decided to push it forward and test the willingness of the girls to meet their guy. The challenge proposed was one that no male would try in a Western society: the girls were asked to meet the man, in the doorstep of his building, bringing four cans of beer with them. At first, they were not sure if any girl would be willing to do such a crazy thing for a guy they had never met.

That mood quickly changed when three girls accepted the “invitation”. Soon enough dates were scheduled (for that same day) and the Youtubers set their cameras in the flat balcony, wondering if they would really show up.

Flowers in exchange for beer. Fair deal.

The first one didn’t take long to appear, with a plastic bag full of beer cans. As they watched her from the distance, they could see a perfectly normal good looking girl approaching the building. When she arrived downstairs, all the crew came out, with the guy in the profile holding a flower bouquet.

She was surprised and extremely embarrassed, asking not to be filmed. They ignored her request and posted the video anyway. The second girl had a similar reaction but she seemed to be alright with the prank. She took the flower bouquet and they kept the beers. Fair trade.

The third girl acted differently: as soon as she saw the camera crew coming out of the building door, she immediately dropped the bag with the beers and ran away as fast as she could. Although her face was hardly visible, she was good looking and attractive. In fact, all of them were.

In the end, one question is unavoidable: would it be possible to achieve a similar result in a Western society, just in a matter of a few hours? The answer is clearly no. Western girls’ mindset is one that leaves all the effort to the man, with a an unpredictable (if any) payoff.

Russian girls also have their requirements (lets not be naive, shall we?), but they are willing to put the effort, even if that means to bring beer to the guy’s doorstep. And,that’s what “gender equality” should be all about.

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