I have been semi-incapacitated twice with the exact medical condition. However, the difference was that during the first incapacitation I was blue pill and married while the second time was when I was practicing red pill and game. As you may expect, there were huge differences in outcome.

First time: blue pill

warning - total beta

Blue pill as hell

This was about a decade ago. I was married, with two small daughters, and was working at a high-tech international corporation. Things were not that good at the time, to the point that we considered marriage counseling. Yes, I know. I was blue as a smurf, a classic beta guy.

Out of nowhere a medical condition happened. It is something that happens to people in my condition, but is considered rare. I was confined to the house, able to move but with limited functions. I had to see a special doctor at the outpatient clinic of a hospital on a weekly basis and could not drive there. I knew that recovery takes several months (happened to me in my early 20s), and that I needed to be taken care of.

One would expect that the marriage vow “For better or for worse” will apply to this case, right? After you have been there for her when she was sick, in labor, supporting her and your children, one ought to expect her to also be there when you need her.

Yes – she wasn’t into me as well

I found myself fighting with her left and right. I had to shout her into taking me to my weekly doctor’s appointments, threaten her to do stuff for me (running an errand once or twice a week), and basically not get any sex, comfort or sympathy. She did not take any interest to the condition, read about it or talk to doctors.

To top it all off, she was asking for sympathy for taking care of me and went back to smoking (a filthy habit which she agreed to stop as a pre-condition to our engagement). My feeling was that I was bleeding on the floor and being kicked at the guts.

I was experiencing a lot of negative emotions – pain, helplessness, frustration and a feeling of betrayal.  I reached out to my family to tell them what was happening and they were shocked. To this day some of my relatives say that they will never forgive her.

I had no idea what to do, but I understood that something was terribly wrong. I was frustrated as hell with the condition, but did not question the blue pill narrative yet (that would come a few years later when I was in the middle of the divorce). It took me three months to find a medical solution to have me back to close to my normal self, no thanks to her.

Second time: red pill


Some time after my divorce, I was practicing game and had a small harem of three women. My game level was intermediate; I was working as a consultant, with flexible hours (less income than working for an international corporation); and living in a rented apartment. Then it happened again. The medical condition came back. I was confined to the house, although the solution from the last episode made my recovery far easier.

All three girls, who had zero formal responsibilities for me and did not owe me squat, came over often. They cooked for me, cleaned the house, kept me company (not at the same time of course) and fucked me good to make me feel better.

When they would express concern about my condition, I would tell them that taking care of me will speed up the healing. They accepted the challenge and would arrive whenever I permitted them to come. I could not believe what a radical change game can have on the situation.

Learning from experience, I kept my melancholy low and showed a cheerful face about how I was certain of a rapid recovery. The two girls who owned a car (the third did not own) suggested driving me to my doctor’s appointments, without me asking them to. All of their actions came without me asking for anything, and none of them “had” to do it.

I continued to game them – agreeing and amplifying my condition (“Yes. I may die – in 40 to 50 years”— punch in the arm and smile), teasing (“What’s it like being with a handicap person?”–punch in the arm and kiss) and escalating sexually (“Here, Feel my body, it needs sexual healing”–sex).

A good description of how they felt

One of them dropped out of the harem during the month I was at home, but it is expected (not all girls will remain with you even when you are healthy). I still had two girls coming over regularly to assist me. It took me one month to partially recover back to my (close to) normal self.

Game is crucial in most (if not all) aspects of life

The saying that “At least you have your health” has extra meaning for me. Health is like air – you notice it only when it is lacking, while having game can improve any medical condition you endure. I’m not saying to married readers to ditch their wives, but by using game, you can have a better chance of being taken care of.

We all need to be prepared for emergency. Either by having a “Fuck You Fund”, a network of professionals, physical strength, mental ability, or an understanding of the future (my favorites 1, 2 and 3). Having game allowed me to convert a potentially bleak situation (if I had been on the blue pill) to a far better outcome (being taken care of and having sex on demand).

Some of you may say that being optimistic would have made the first situation far better. I agree to some extent. However, even if I was optimistic, I would still not being taken care of, not to mention having sex on demand. Having game, to me, seems far superior to just being optimistic. It’s a tool that can be used in life-changing situations that one may not have anticipated.

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