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There can be no doubt that in 2017 day game is an essential skill that all men need to learn. If you are not already approaching girls that you see as you go about your daily life, such as when you are travelling to work, shopping, or going to the gym, you are missing out on countless opportunities that could lead to intimacy.

The decline in night game in most Western countries has by now been well documented. Clubs are noisy, expensive, crowded, and filled with girls only looking for validation. Thanks to Tinder and other dating apps, women have lost the urgency to meet men as their attention spans become seriously compromised by the prospect of their next right swipe.

Day game, on the other hand, is still a viable option for guys hoping to meet someone of the opposite sex. The fact is you see a lot more beautiful girls around in the day than you do in the club, since not every hot girl around likes to party to Afrojack every night of the week. Another thing is that the girls you talk to in the day time are unlikely to be drunk and even better, they’re often alone, so you don’t have to deal with their cockblocker friends.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, day game works well because if you do it right, the girl will feel like she’s living a scene from her favorite romantic movie, and be more ready to invest in a relationship with you as a result.

All that said, here are five tips to follow when you go out to meet girls in the daytime…

1. Be direct and sincere

Girls are busy just like we are, and the last thing they need is some guy they don’t know coming up and wasting their time. For that reason, it works really well if you’re upfront and honest in your approach. For example, you might say something like “Hey, I just noticed you and you looked really interesting. I wanted to say Hi. I’m Jeff. What’s your name?”

While it’s possible some girls may shrug off such an opener and go about their business (as perhaps they are married, in a serious relationship, or simply not interested), many will be flattered that you took the time to open them with a compliment in a socially calibrated manner.

From there you might make a small observation about her, based on her clothing or style. Whether your observation is accurate or not, this should lead into a conversation about what she is actually doing.

Don’t be tempted to go overboard with game tactics: she’s much more likely to want to meet a normal, confident guy for a drink than someone who comes over as too “game-y”.

2. Don’t be afraid to be a little nervous

It’s absolutely fine if you’re a little nervous—in fact if anything it can be an advantage. You don’t want to come across to her as the kind of guy who’s done this with the last ten women he’s met. Far better to seem slightly shy—it only makes the whole thing more authentic.

Of course, if you genuinely are very nervous about approaching women then this is something you’re going to have to get handled when you start day game. By far my favorite technique for overcoming nerves is to remind myself that just by making an approach at all I’m putting myself ahead of 95% of other men who would never dare do such a thing. From there I choose only to “reward myself” for making the approach, regardless of what the outcome might be. So even if she rejects me, I congratulate myself for having tried anyway.

3. Don’t make the reason you’re going out to be solely about hitting on women

Rather than going out with the intention of picking up women, it is far better you do so as part of your everyday routine. That way your interactions will seem natural and unforced.

I work in the center of a major city and I travel to my office on the subway. In the mornings I make it a habit to approach at least one girl before I get to work. By doing this, I break through any “approach anxiety” I might be feeling early in the day, and you’d be surprised how many girls are receptive to a pleasant approach this early too.

Later in the morning I will get an approach in as I go to my local coffee shop, or when I go to the grocery store for lunch. An easy way to open girls here is by making a humorous comment about the food or beverage they’ve selected.


Finally, a great time of day to approach is in the evening when girls are on their way home from work. Most are happy to be getting out of the office and are chatty as a result: doubly so if she’s been for an after-work drink with colleagues.

4. Get her number and text her

This may sound obvious but it’s vital. In the day time, numbers are far more important than in night game and a two-minute conversation in the street can easily lead to a date that night. So always ask for the number and always follow up with a text. You never know what might happen, particularly since girls will be excited to hear from you as you’re not just another ‘bar guy.’

When texting a new girl keep things light and humorous and bear in mind that, while it’s great if you can spark up some witty conversation on SMS, the main object of the exercise is to get get her out on a date.

For example, if you commented on the red dress she was wearing when you met, you might open with something like “Hey, so it’s red dress girl from earlier.” Then you can ask her about her day or whatever, before saying something like “Well, it sounds like you could do with some relaxation. We really should meet for drinks: how about X Bar at 7pm tomorrow?”

5. Do not follow her

Approach her, touch her shoulder and then HOLD YOUR GROUND. She may well keep walking a few steps before she works out that you are not a beggar. Stay still and wait until she faces you, stops, or walks back. Do not be tempted to walk after her: it looks weak, needy, and at worst, potentially threatening.

At this point you should simply tell her that you saw her walking past, that you think she looks cool and you would like to introduce yourself. Again, some girls may not stop, and that’s fine: far better to weed out definite “no” girls up front and early.

Others will be receptive and stop to chat. With these you can be confident that there is at least a baseline level of interest. Go into normal conversation before saying “I’ve really enjoyed talking to you. I have to meet friends now, but let me take your number and I’ll message you. We should meet for drinks another time.” Then you can simply hand her your phone open to the contacts page so she can enter her details.

To become really proficient in day game, though, it’s worth investing in high-quality training in order to ensure that you have the most cutting-edge techniques at your disposal. For that reason you should to check out Daytime Dating by Jeremy Soul from Love Systems. It will allow you to…

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