When a woman considers you to be a figure of authority, she will be far more likely to comply to your requests, she will have greater respect for you, and she will be more sexually attracted to you.

Authority may be the single most powerful psychological influence on human behavior; we spend our developmental years being trained to submit to authority. When we’re young, we have no choice but to do what our teachers, parents, and authority figures tell us. Through years of being conditioned to obey, we develop a deep predisposition to do what authorities tell us to.

For women, this effect is doubly powerful. Women are sexually attracted to men with authority because females evolved to desire leaders who can provide them with the best genes.

Milgram’s Chilling Discovery

Most people probably wouldn’t admit how much power authority has over them, yet it’s easy to see the power authority has over others. You can see it every day when people follow stupid trends (the male romper) or defend their point of view by parroting the opinions of authority figures (religious texts). But the evidence for the power of authority isn’t limited to your day-to-day experience; it has been scientifically proven.

The infamous Milgram experiments provided us with chilling proof that humans are dangerously vulnerable to the power of authority. The studies were designed to test how much pain people would inflict on others when instructed to do so by an authority figure. The results were sobering, to say the least:

In Milgram’s studies , participants were split into two groups, teachers and learners. Each teacher was paired off with a learner. The teacher was given the task of asking the learner questions. If the learner answered a question incorrectly, the teacher was instructed to flip a switch that would send a mild electric shock to the learner (secretly, the learner was a trained actor).

The participants (teachers) were told that they were helping with a study about pain and memory. Although they were uncomfortable with inflicting pain on a stranger, they all administered the first low-voltage shocks without much hesitation.

Each time the learner got a question wrong, the teacher administered a higher voltage shock than for the previous incorrect answer. Eventually, the shocks the teachers administered were so intense that the learner would scream in agony, ask to be let out, and mention that he was experiencing chest pain because of his heart condition.

You would imagine that at this point participants would refuse to administer any further shocks. You would be wrong. When the teacher would tell the researcher (authority) they wanted to stop, the researcher would suggest they keep going with simple phrases like, “Continue, please.”

These perfectly normal people thought they were inflicting traumatic levels of pain on the learners, yet a sentence or two from an authority figure was enough to get them to continue inflicting severe pain. In fact, 65% of participants administered even the very last shock (by which point the learner seemed to be in grave danger).

The Milgram experiments have been successfully replicated numerous times with numerous variations and are considered by the scientific community to be well designed and reliable.

The power of authority is incredible. When you leverage it in your favor, it will exponentially increase your ability to influence women.

How do you create the effect? Simply go out wearing a police uniform and tell women they need to be punished for their bad behavior. (Hopefully you caught the irony there and didn’t stop reading to go find a police uniform.)

Truthfully, the long-term strategy to make women see you as an authority is three-fold:

1. Become an actual authority figure in your career.
2. Live a life in which you make your own decisions instead of bending to the will of others (define your own values and spend your time pursuing those values).
3. Develop a strong frame by meeting many women and taking risks with them.

Although invaluable long-term, these strategies won’t produce notable results in the short-term. Fortunately, there’s an effective short-term strategy as well: establish yourself as an authority figure with women by creating compliance.



Who leads? Who follows?

If someone is considered an authority, people will agree to their requests. You can reverse engineer authority by making assertive (but reasonable) requests that will make a woman feel that you must be an authority.

Authority is usually thought of symbolically (teachers, police, politicians), but at its root it’s emotional. Old school pickup artists used this understanding to create the complicated machinations known as compliance ladders; and although the theory behind them is solid, the implementation is too elaborate to be practical. There’s an easier strategy.

Your goal to create a sense of authority is simple: always be leading. This can be easy, say things like, “Let’s go to the dance floor,” “Let’s get some fresh air,” or “Let’s sit down over there.” It doesn’t need to be anything complicated, the point is simply to lead as much as possible. So long as the girls feel you have some value, they will generally acquiesce to these requests. (If women aren’t agreeing to small requests, read this article.)

You can also lead conversationally. Whenever a woman brings up a topic that you are uninterested in, assert your authority by changing it. If she makes an awkward statement, call her out on it. The vast majority of women will go along with this if they don’t, it usually means you’re too needy and reactive. The more often a woman follows your lead, the more she will feel (unconsciously) that you are an authority figure.

At some point in the interaction, you’ll want to lead the girl to somewhere that sex can happen. The more she has followed your lead up to that point, the more likely she is to agree to go to your place.

There’s no need to overcomplicate this with compliance ladders; that requires way too much analytical thinking. Simply make a point to attempt to lead each interaction as much as possible, then when you make a big ask you’re rate of success will be much higher.

Decisive Language

Authority is also communicated through your choice of language and tone of voice. The more assertive and decisive your language, the better. Imagine you’re in bed with a girl, she’s naked, and you said, “Um, can I have sex with you now?” Do you think that will get her hot and bothered? Fuck no. Imagine instead, you said, “I’m going to fuck you so hard right now. I’m going to make you cum for me again and again.” That’s more like it. (Sidenote: Telling a girl she’s about to cum can actually make her cum.)

Indecisiveness makes you look like this guy in a woman’s eyes. Weak.

So many men use qualifiers and ask for way too much permission. Assume permission until you’re told no. Which is better? Asking a girl, “Would you like to go to the dance floor?” OR grabbing a girl by the hand and saying, “Come with me.”

Men hesitate to be authoritative because they’re afraid it will get them rejected. The bitter irony here is that more often than not, pussyfooting around is what gets you rejected. Women are turned off by a man who doesn’t have the balls to take what he wants. Even if a girl is initially attracted to you, if you act doubtful in any way, she will either assume you’re not interested in her or she will lose interest

Now, it’s true that if you act too authoritatively some women will reject you. But more often than not, those women would have rejected you anyway. And many other times, when a woman rejects your lead, the interaction isn’t over. This just means you either asked for too much or she doesn’t see you as an authority yet. You can still change her mind so long as you don’t give a fuck, hold your frame, and try to lead again afterwards.

Of course, even if acting with authority did get you rejected, that’s just more reason to do it. The more you get rejected, the more you are able to build your skillset. Use these strategies and your results with women will drastically improve. Women desire a leader, a man with authority literally makes them horny, it’s hardwired in their DNA.

With that said, use authority responsibly. Once you develop your ability to project authority you can easily get people to do things they don’t really want to do. If you are morally opposed to that thought, use caution.

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