Let me start by declaring, one of the most exciting and dynamic discussions in the progression of day game is the utility of direct versus indirect approach styles. More or less it is the difference between you openly asserting your sexuo-romantic desires at the beginning or doing so at a later time. 

Indirect allows for more passive or stress-free socialization because it does not foist a sudden ultimatum upon the ladyfriend  (i.e. either reciprocate the sexual intentionality or reject it), although at the same time it leaves you more exposed to social stagnation. In opposition, direct affords you the opportunity to foster an attractively confident portrait of yourself in the woman’s mind, but can also leave you open to the unfavorable situation of coming off aggressively arrogant, and thus losing in the short term what you may have otherwise acquired. 

To properly describe the optimal day game ‘technique,’ we must make a finer distinction about the way direct/indirect approaches appear when practiced in everyday life. Therefore, we must conceptually separate, and individually evaluate, the two primary forms of human communication i.e. verbal language vs. body language, and specifically in relation to their direct and indirect manifestations in the world at large.

When dealing with the intricacy of these types of human interactions, it is imperative that we keep in mind the social context in which they occur. And for day game in casual settings such as class, or the coffee shop, or just on the plain old side-walk, it is necessary to tailor the specifics of one’s game to complement the circumstance at hand.

It breaks down like this. If your game is lacking or “unidimensional” (i.e all direct or all indirect), you are very likely to get caught losing chicks by falling into one of two pussy-repelling extremes, Wussiness or Douchebaggery. On the whole, if the girl thinks you are either weak (physically, fiscally, or socially) or conversely an unpleasantly rude or crude person to talk to, you probably ain’t getting laid. So, the question is how do we synthesize a softer (but at the same time) commanding strategy to the proverbial cold approach, which can be confidently applied, in full sun, during a majority of routine interactions?

After a very great deal of thought and an even greater amount of in the field, placebo controlled, single-blind studies spread among the 25,000 women age 17-25 who inhabit my university, I have come to the see quite clearly that employing a bipartisan policy of direct body language coupled with indirect verbal language provides the world’s most effective day game tactic. Now, you may ask why I am so confident in this particular means of attack, well, the logic goes like this…   

Direct Body Language

Let me begin with the “undertones” you use to communicate, the subtle yet powerful physical actions and attributes you use to tell a women you’re ready, able, and interested. This is the bedrock of your game and therefore extremely important because it can either solidify the smooth and sultry move you just made, or it can fidget and sweat you into a lake that promptly downs all change of vaginal acquisition.

Therefore the first thing to keep in mind can be best captured from a Samuel L. Jackson line in the ending scene of Pulp Fiction, “…and when you do it, you do it cool.” Staying loose and relaxed is the starting point for all well composed communication. It shows that you are someone who is well within his comfort zone beginning, and being in conversation with new and attractive women. Without this chill you will soon be fried, but being calm, cool, and collected is not the end of the story if what you’re really seeking is maximum results.  

I buy the saying, ‘add a little edge’. That is, besides standing tall, with good posture, smiling comfortably, making strong and confident eye contact, and not appearing overly excited, you should to take it one step further. That little step my friends, is the touch barrier.

It has been addressed by many before me and is a very effective means for directly confirming your physical intentions without saying a word. Of course, above all, be tactful. You need the act to communicate safety, security, and masculinity, not sleaziness (not yet anyway). Remember that first touch should be strong but mostly platonic in nature. Depending on the environment even a solid handshake is better than no touch at all. If you are overly weak or distinctly aggressive you will very likely lose the white-tail.  

In short, you need to routinely hold a strong physical presence, you need to literally put yourself out there with a solid foundation of confidence and hold your ground with pride and determination, this is the first half of building yourself an optimal day game.

Indirect Verbal Language

Once again, as with game in general, and with day game in particular, it is absolutely essential to keep in mind the kind of environment in which you are operating. Let me paint the scene. You’ve out for a quick lunch at a local coffee and sandwich shop eating a BLT with delicious San Francisco sourdough, creamy Mayo, crisp lettuce, and cuts of hickory smoked bacon so thick they might as well be mini pork-chops, when you notice a knock-out. I mean a goddamn knock-out. Like, damn.

Now, sadly, your first impulse may be to launch an all out social assault on her, complete with a few overzealous comments about how astoundingly beautiful she is, how you’ve never seen anyone like her before, and how you would be beyond honored to waste your hard earned money paying for her nightly booze induced debauchery. Or, you may enter the road from the other ditch. That is, sadly, your first impulse is more or less ‘shut down’, start sweating, and never get your ass up out of that seat in the first place. It does not take a prodigy of social navigation to see that both of these extremes leave you in a piss poor position to take her out.

Here is where indirect verbal language really shines. Here is where the middle way (as the Buddha would say) can reach its full potential. Now what exactly do I mean by indirect language? I mean this, probably initiating, and mostly leading, a light but interesting conversation concerning almost any topic besides your physical desire for the women at hand. Simple as that. This conversation could center around the building you’re in, the food you had, the happenings of the town, local sports teams or artists, interesting hobbies and social activities, or a hodgepodge mix of all of the above. 

This last part is hard, but all you have to do is try. It’s like my old man used to say “Look where you wanna go.” It’s the same with women as with driving, as with life in general. Just take her for the ride.

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