After dozens of attractive girls have fallen into my athletic arms in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, it appears reasonable to manifest that I am not short (!) of seduction ability and hence want to share my experiences and ideas on how to metaphorically rise to higher grounds, despite of being only 5 foot 6 inches.

Many of the game characteristics, such as being confident, approach, and optimize looks are likewise linked to shorter males. Still, there are some specific points to consider in this regard.

1. Embrace the Napoleon complex

In psychology there is a concept called the Napoleon complex, connected to the French military conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte, which implies that a short man feels an inner lack and consequently a need to compensate for his shortage of stature in various ways. Academics squabble about if the historical Napoleon was actually short or average for his time, and if there is any real evidence that confirms this hypothesis.

Regardless, the point is that there is some underlying truth in it. After all, girls generally prefer taller than shorter men. Therefore it is wise to embrace the Napoleon complex, real or not, in a constructive manner.

Realize that you have to work extra hard to improve your physique, style, career, confidence and social status. Be a thick-skinned little shitlord, but in a positive sense.

2. Maximize your strengths

Short but jacked

In addition to your height, you shouldn’t also fall short of other items on a girl’s list such as hair, clothes, body composition, face, confidence and social skills. Hopefully, you have already some of those and should maximize whatever area where you have potential.

Further, with regard to male–female polarity, fitness tends to be an important element for the little man. For example, part of my equation (more on that below) is to look for girls who are not necessarily shorter, but weighs 50-70 pounds less than me. When they compare their tiny shoulders and arms with mine (or yours), they feel like girls. A large share of normal females wants to feel feminine.

Thus don’t be the short guy. Instead be the short, athletic, good-looking and confident guy who gets girls. Or the ”cute guy” for that matter.

3. Be aware of your disadvantage but do not internalize it

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Studies, common sense, and observations show that being short is a real disadvantage. There is no point trying to deny it. You will see all kinds of good-looking girls who are let’s say 5’8″ or 5’9″ but who will not consider you as an option (perhaps they might not even notice you down there), whereas a taller guy potentially can have both tall, average, or short girls. Also somewhat shorter girls can specifically prefer taller men in many cases.

However, do not internalize it, because if you do then it will be almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is a pathetic loser-dom akin to how SJWs and other degenerates think and behave. Just go with the flow and do not over-analyze things. Everything you do comes from the mind.


4. Do not lower your standards

It might very well be the case that you will struggle to get a 7 and often, literally fall short, even if you have the other positive traits. Still that is not a reason to lower your standards.

Instead do the opposite. Like Machiavelli said in The Prince, aim for a high mark up in the sky and you will bang more 7s and 8s, even some 9s. It will also be easier to get 6s.

5. Enjoy the challenge

It is generally more of a challenge for a short guy, but once you are on the right path you will work hard and be thick-skinned in order to improve yourself (not just for the sake of girls, of course), and will not let anyone pin you down.

Sometimes you will also land comparatively taller girls and I bet it feels more like an accomplishment for the small male creatures than the larges ones.

6. Find your optimal girl spectrum

She will date a short man

Instead of thinking that girls might not want you, you should think about what kind of girls that you want. Select girls not based on resentment or fear of failure but on your particular preferences.

Typically your spectrum includes girls who are about 5′ to 5’7″ and who weigh significantly lower than you in order to create the often important sex dynamics and polarity mentioned above. In this way you will sort of zoom in your focal point.

It seems that online dating has become worse these days, but between 2011–2016 there was a free dating website called Happy Pancake in Sweden where you could filter your search results with regard to height and weight (or body type). In this way I knew that the girls were fit, cute and not too tall, and that I was not too short for them, and I had a significant number of notches due to this common sense strategy (in tandem with a fruitful profile presentation and favorable pictures). Obviously this is even easier to scan in real life.

7. Seek out fertile soil

My fellow American friends, it seems that unfortunately you have more fatties in your country (whereas Western Europe is probably equal with regard to other facets of self-inflicting ugliness, as well as social justice warriorism and feminism), which make things more troublesome. If America wants to be metaphorically great again, then it has to literally become smaller.

But even a Swede, not just shorter ones like me, may have to consider other destinations which offer a larger share of more petite girls. South America, East Asia and Southeast Asia may be good choices in that respect, but make sure that you can bang some of your cute local girls too, because otherwise it might be a sign of your own low status.

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