If there is a secret sauce to game, something close to what the shysters and the scam artists promise when they talk of making you irresistible to women, then it is closely affiliated with the dark triad characteristics (narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy) and the consequent state they beget, that of drama.

The very best players that I have observed, those whose actions have moistened panties from London to Las Vegas and back again, have all had these characteristics in spades. And just look at famous examples of criminals like Jeremy Meeks who women flock to.

As such—-and because we are by now all more than aware that ‘nice guys finish last’—-an important ethical question stands out, namely, is it actually possible to be a good guy who is also supremely good with women? I believe that one can maintain a strong set of core principles while acting in ways that are effective if ruthless, but that this approach requires very careful vigilance and is also not without its risks.

My Own Experience

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Having been writing about game for some time now, I find myself sometimes questioning the rights and wrongs of what I am doing, as more and more I seem to be advising readers to use more Machiavellian or ‘dark triad’ tactics to achieve their goals. Is that because I am a cruel and heartless individual who doesn’t care a toss for the feelings of others? No, it is simply because, having studied pickup and male-female sexual dynamics for many years, both from my own perspective and by observing others, I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

My own personal experience is not atypical for a pick-up writer. While I would argue that I was never entirely ‘blue pill’ (it is hard to live through your parents’ divorce and then observe your stepmother’s’ mistreatment and eventual divorcing of your father and hold all your dreams of the wonders of romance intact), I was nonetheless a basic nice guy who didn’t see any action with girls all the way through to age 20.

When I did eventually get laid with that first girl (a decent blonde who has since been marred by the birth of her two children, divorce and a Botox addiction), it was because I developed a strongly cocky funny sense of humour almost combative in its intensity. I would like to say that it was because I had suddenly become game-aware and had figured out for myself what worked. In fact it was by default, a by-product of strong antidepressant medication that sent me off the charts loopy for a while swigged down with a liberal dose of alcohol.

While this is certainly not a method that I would recommend to anyone reading this at home, the physiological ravages that were taking place in my mind as a result of various battling chemicals had one pant-wettingly happy consequence: they made me really not give a fuck what anyone thought of me. And even more than that, they spurred me on to flaunt my quirks at others in a bid to provoke them.


Having always been somewhat analytical and therefore possessing a propensity towards Machiavellianism, I was now, through no conscious strategy of my own, ticking the ‘narcissistic’ and ‘psychopathic’ boxes as well. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this bonfire of my vanities presaged what was to be the most sexually bountiful season of my life.

I should underline the point that all of this was entirely untutored and unplanned. It was before the manosphere, the red pill, even before I’d read a single book on pickup. Things turned out the way they did due to my somewhat liberal doctors and my burgeoning taste for hard liquor, and I was fortunate enough to reap the benefits of a righteous pussy harvest.

Of course, things soon calmed down. My medication was changed, and I later gave up drinking as well. But due to a narcotic interval that likely most men do not experience I was able to see for myself the way in which unbridled arrogance, rudeness, sottishness and bad behaviour, far from repulsing women in fact turned them into quivering and grateful recipients of the errant manboy’s love gloop.

My experiences at this time stayed with me and became elemental in the framework that was only strengthened and bolstered by my subsequent study of manosphere texts and my adventures in the field of pickup.

My Thoughts On The Dark Triad Now

Many years later and I am an infinitely more responsible, together and organised person than at that time. But the lessons I learned back them about the effectiveness of the dark triad have not gone to waste since I can now playact them at will. They are simply different colours on my pickup artists palette that I employ to colour my interactions with as and when the time is right.

Wherever you are in the game, whether a newbie or an experienced player I recommend that you do the same. You don’t have to kick down the doors of perception to alter your behaviours around women. These days there are a great many helpful resources out there that discuss the dark triad characteristics in great detail, and show how their application can be beneficial to the committed poon hound.

While it can be tempting for a guy new to red pill thinking to want to go full on dark triad in a kind of ‘fuck bitches, I’ll show them’ manner, not only is this supremely butthurt but it is also effectively impossible as you can’t just acquire these traits, particularly psychopathy which is clearly a very distinct mental condition.

Far better for the average guy to be aware of the impact that these characteristics can have on his game and sprinkle them liberally on his interactions where appropriate, but retaining enough self-control to pull back when they no longer serve his purposes. As with most things in life you want to find balance, that sweet spot where equilibrium supports rather than destabilises your dreams.

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