Those readers who listen to Roosh’s excellent Kingmaker podcast will remember an episode from a couple of months back, The Death of Night Game. Here Roosh discussed the current state of night game in detail, concluding that conditions are significantly worse for guys going to meet girls at bars and clubs today than they were in the early 2000’s when he first started out. The reasons for this decline are varied, but certainly the rise of the Smartphone and various apps like Instagram, Facebook and Tinder have played a part by making real-life approaches somewhat less necessary to satisfy a girl’s overall desire for attention.

While I agree with many of Roosh’s conclusions in the podcast, it has long been my opinion that in order to extract the best possible results from the sexual marketplace men are well-advised to employ holistic game—that is, a mixture of day game, night game, social circle game and a little app game. In doing so, rather than relying on one “revenue stream”—day game, say—but instead having many you will see exponential benefits in your results.

That being said, I had personally been doing a little less night game just recently due to work commitments and so on. But in the last few weeks I’ve been going out to clubs and bars regularly, and so I wanted to share some general thoughts on night game from my own perspective.

1. There are a lot of targets in one place

The first point is an obvious one but also an important one. Walk into a good night venue and, rather like Charlie walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory your eyes will widen and gleam with delight at all of the wonderful temptations on display.

Now, this is not to say that a day game session in a large city like London or New York doesn’t afford the same opportunities—or theoretically a greater number of opportunities. However, the issue is that outside your targets will be spread far and wide over a large geographical area, rather than contained within one specially-designed, restricted area

An average day game session in London will see me do ten approaches over two hours. Certainly it would be possible for me to do more, or to take less time over it, but a very real issue is finding enough girls that I actually want to approach. In the club on Saturday night I was able to work through twenty approaches in less than an hour, simply because there were that many more hotties within a relatively small radius.

2. Doing day game in tandem strengthens your night game

Hardcore day gamers who eschew night game entirely are missing a trick. Why? Because one of the huge peripheral benefits of day game that is not discussed as much as it should be is that it will massively improve your ability to approach and interact with girls in a nighttime environment.

The reason is simple. Cold approaching on the street on the daytime without alcohol is hard. Harder still is it to maintain a conversation for more than two minutes once you have stopped that girl. So if you can do that—or if you’ve done that 500 or 1000 times—then how much easier are you going to find approaching a girl in a club where there is at least some level of social expectation for you to do so.

It’s like this. In day game you not only have to get the girl to like you but you also have to get ground the interaction in such a way that she forgets that strangers meeting and hooking up in the daytime is—and let’s be honest here—not usual for the great majority of people. In night game you still have to get the girl to like you, but you are not going against any social grain in doing so since it’s very well established for men and women to meet in bars and clubs.

3. Girls can be more receptive to being approached


Which leads me onto my next, related point. While I think some guys are intimidated by bar and clubs because of the bright lights, loud music, cockblocks and bitchy girls, nevertheless in my experience girls can, on balance, be more receptive to being approached at night than in the daytime.

This isn’t to say that you’re not going to get the occasional bitch who holds her hand up dismissively when you tap her on the shoulder, but in general, if you have your shit together, are confident and well-dressed then girls will be friendlier to you, and less suspicious, than on the streets. The reason? Because you are not going against the grain of social norms like you are in day game. In this regard day game’s greatest plus point—the element of surprise it affords—is also its greatest flaw.

4. You can get sexual immediately, in the venue

Yes, day gamers will argue that you can get sexual in the daytime with girls you’ve just met in public toilets and so on, and you can and will pull same-day lays from the street, but in general with day game you are looking at a two-stage approach: get her phone number, set up a date for another time.

With night game it’s different. Again, because of the well-established and commonly-understood truth that part of the purpose of nightclubs is for hooking up, and because of the involvement of alcohol and sexy clothes, all things being equal it is far, far more likely that you will achieve quick and easy sex with a girl in or from a club that you will in the daytime. After all, sex in nightclub toilets is almost as common as one-night stands being pulled from clubs. Again, you are not going against the grain since sex is written into the very DNA of the nightclub experience.

5. It’s a fallacy that phone numbers from clubs are flakier than those from day game

There is an idea now prevalent in the community that it is a complete waste of time to ever get a girl’s phone numbers in a nightclub since unless you pull and sleep with her that same night then you will never see her again.

While it is doubtless true that your first course of action should always be to try to close the deal that same night there will be times when for whatever reason this is not possible. Perhaps she is getting a flight very early in the morning, or sharing a room with a friend, or otherwise has certain logistical issues that are not compatible with going home with you for sex that night. In a case like this you should absolutely get her number and follow up afterwards as normal.

In my experience phone numbers obtained from girls in clubs and bars can be flakey, yes—but probably less flakey than the majority of numbers taken during day game.

Again, I believe that this is because you are going with, rather than working against the girl’s societal programming. After all, there is nothing unusual about a girl meeting a man at a club and then hooking up with him at a later date. It may not be many girls’ preferred methods, but there is certainly nothing unusual about it. Plus, meeting in a venue that she likes will somewhat ground the interaction—‘It’s Troy from that cool club I love, Pacha’—in a way that just doesn’t apply with day game (‘It’s Troy from outside that Taco Bell near Union Square’)

Remember, in pulling context and narrative are very significant for the girl. Even for a one-off lay there has to be a narrative about how you and she met that she can tell herself that makes sense. In general creating that narrative around a random day game approach can be more of a stretch unless you really pull off the romantic Hollywood ‘cute meet’ thing with aplomb.

Inevitably this list has involved me pitting of night game against day game to some degree. I’m not trying to argue that one is inherently better than the other for pulling. That said, I do feel that day game has been afforded an almost mythical status recently in some quarters, as though it is the only valid form of game, whereas in fact the ROI it offers is not always that good. In truth, the most effective and balanced way for me to get great results with girls is to combine several forms of game concurrently. As I said at the start of this article, you likely wouldn’t rely on one revenue stream for your business, so why would you for your sex life?

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