There are two common misconceptions about game that come up time and again. The first is that game is simply a collection of cheap tricks, chat-up lines and ‘negs’ rather than an holistic set of self-development principles that includes—but is by no means limited to—advice on how to talk to girls. The second is that game is a waste of time and that those who engage in it are doing little more than subjugating themselves to already entitled women.

It probably comes as no surprise to you that I refute both of these positions strongly, but in this article I wanted to provide a slightly different perspective on game, namely that engaging in it will improve many key areas of your life as a natural side-effect alongside your success with women. To that end I discuss below five ways in which game has improved my life and will undoubtedly improve yours too.

1. Vastly Improved Confidence

Let’s be completely honest for a moment: cold approaching women one has never met before in the street or in clubs and bars is perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking things a man can do. Fear of rejection is hardwired into us as in prehistoric times it could mean ostracization from the tribe or even death at the hands of a jealous alpha male.

While these eventualities are remote in 2017, the vestiges of our primordial terror remain. We’ve all heard stories of ex-military men, marines and the like who have faced incredible danger on the battlefield, but who nevertheless are daunted by the prospect of having to approach some skinny 23-year-old girl in Starbucks. So the struggle is real for all of us.

However, the upsides of this are enormous. If you are able to marshal your fear and approach anyway, then soon you will find that your confidence skyrockets. Not only are you doing something that perhaps 95% of the rest of the male population lacks the balls to do, but also you are exposing yourself to way more social situations than the average person.

As a result of this you will find that ordinary, everyday situations like socialising at a party or dealing with people generally will no longer faze you. After all, since you’re doing something that would terrify the majority of your peers everything else is going to see pretty much easy in comparison. Certainly I personally find that after a good day game session there is really very little that can intimidate me in the rest of my social life.

2. Better storytelling ability

Let me tell you, if you go out into a busy city centre and stop 100 girls to talk to them you’d damn well better have something to say, either prepared or off the cuff. When you’re standing there before her gaze like a rabbit in the headlights it’s very easy to dry up and run out of conversational fuel. The great thing, though, is that if you approach regularly you will naturally get better at improvisation and storytelling, simply because you will have to.

The thing to understand about so-called storytelling in the context of game, business and socialising (and it is crucial for all three) is that you don’t have to be JK Rowling or Steven King. No, storytelling in the context of regular social interactions really means making a very little go a very long way. So you can make a story about how you had to take some shirts back to the dry cleaners fascinating and suspenseful with enough skill and practice.

Storytelling ability is a wonderful ability to cultivate, since most social and business scenarios are energised by it. If you can tell a story engagingly and captivate your listener then you will be considered intelligent, creative, likable and interesting, all very much plus points in whatever sphere you’re concentrating.


3. Improved business skills

Storytelling is only one of several key transferable business skills you will see improve if you get seriously into game. Because your confidence will improve you will also find that your public speaking will get immeasurably better. You will find recording podcasts or videos a lot easier. You will become naturally better with clients and suppliers.

If you are cold-approaching regularly and keeping a record of your progress you will have nurtured both discipline and accountability. You will have interacted with a large number of people which will mean your insights into current consumers will be improved. And you will likely be less phased by tough negotiations or having to deal with difficult people. As I said above, given how intimidating cold-approaching can be when you start, if you can do that then you can sure as hell handle a difficult customer or boss.

4. Sharper fashion and grooming

Many guys wonder if they should improve their dress sense, grooming and physique before they go out to approach girls. My advice is start approaching today and you will find that you will naturally begin to improve your overall look anyway. After all, how can you not? Once you start getting immediate, live feedback from the marketplace by interacting directly with your customers (girls) you will naturally want to improve your product (yourself) to the best of your ability.

When I started doing game many years ago I developed a whole new level of interest around my grooming, fashion and physique. After all, why wouldn’t I? As someone who continually going up to new, sexy girls, it was absolutely in my best interests to ensure that I looked as sharp as possible at all times. This is an example of how the practice of game itself will naturally lead you to improve your standards in other areas.

5. A gateway to a whole new world of learning

In a related point to the above, getting into meeting and attracting girls opened up a whole new world of learning for me for which I will always be indebted.

Largely as a consequence of the emergence of the internet, which was developing in tandem with the modern study of game as we know it, men began sharing stories, tips, techniques and advice with one another online. In time, this advice broadened from simply being about girls to encompassing a huge range of topics that include weight training, nutrition, fashion, business, finance, politics and even philosophy. A great example of this is Return Of Kings itself, an institution which probably wouldn’t have existed without the game movement but which now incorporates so much more.

Without a doubt my interest in game has meant that I have been exposed to wisdom shared by other men on a whole range of topics that has entirely changed the direction of my life, an incredible and unforeseen outcome.

In summary, you should by all means get into game because you have a strong desire to get good with women. That is a natural and laudable goal in itself. But realise that it is a path strewn with many other rich fruits and keep your eyes and your mind open. Game has significantly improved my life in a multitude of ways and it will yours too if you let it.

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