It is no secret that anti-white racism is a growing trend and a default position in leftist circles nowadays, whether it is promoted by SJWs or white leftists themselves who, after 60 years of incessant propaganda, have bought into the guilt and now espouse self-hate in the name of “tolerance” brownie points.

It is also no secret that one of the primary targets of radical Islamic terrorists is the Western infidel. Who is “the West,” exactly? That would be North America, Europe, and Australia—three predominantly white continents where radical Islam is a growing problem. This is all well established. However, there is also a disturbing trend gone largely under the radar coming from the “moderate” Muslim crowd. It is the propensity to constantly bring up “white” terrorism immediately after an Islamic terrorist strikes, anywhere in the world. This comparison makes no logical sense, unless you understand the motive behind this insidious tactic.

The comparison between whites and Muslims is a non-sequitir with no context. This is due to the simple fact that whites are a race, while Muslims are not. There is no universal doctrine associated with being white, nor does one choose to be white. Contrary to Islam, which despite cultural differences within, does subscribe universally to central doctrines. In addition, being a Muslim is a choice, of course.

Much like Nazism, Islam is an oppressive political ideology. And much like Scientology, Islam is a religion that makes very large claims for itself. That means when one calls himself a Muslim, he is making a bold statement about his views on the nature of how we got here (religious aspect), and the way in which his neighbors should be treated under the Sharia (political aspect.) In that sense, one cannot be bigoted against Muslims any more than one can be bigoted against Nazis or Scientologists.

Thus, until the “Islamophobia” crowd is prepared to condemn anti-Nazi bigotry or anti-Scientologist bigotry, there is no leg to stand on with this “Islamophobia” ploy. But this is not about Islamophobia, as it has already been fully debunked as a propaganda word used to stop infidels from criticizing Islam.

Latinos vs. Buddhists; Gang Violence

What we are now seeing by mainstream “moderate” Muslims is the constant comparison between whites and Muslims in terms of domestic terrorist attacks. Mainstream Muslim-American voices like Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, Reza Aslan, and the Hamas affiliates at CAIR constantly take to Twitter after an Islamic terrorist attack to remind us of a misleading FBI study from a few years ago. It essentially maintains the statistics show that the majority of terrorism in America is committed by white supremacists, so profiling Muslims under any circumstances is immoral. It states that since 9/11, white nationalists have killed more people on American soil than Islamists have.

This is scandalous intellectual dishonesty that appears to be borne out of a deep-seated anti-white racism. That is the only explanation for this patently absurd apples to oranges comparison, which makes about as much sense as comparing Latinos to Buddhists in a study on gang violence. Nobody would accept a so-called study comparing those two demographics as credible. A more logical comparison would be between Latinos and blacks (two races) on the topic of gang violence, or between Muslims and Buddhists (two religions) on the topic of terrorism. However, comparing a race to an ideology only makes sense if you’re trying to make one group look bad.

This tactic is simply another way for Islamists and radical leftists to “get at” white people, hoping that the white guilt narrative will continue to be an effective deterrent to speaking rationally about Islamic terrorism. However, for the sake of argument, let’s take this comparison between white supremacists and Muslims at face value, because it still does not bode well for the other side when you do a little investigative journalism.

In the first place, “since 9/11” is quite obviously a ridiculous phrase. 9/11 was the worst terrorist attack in American history, and it obviously counts towards the total number of casualties. Omitting the casualties of 9/11 for the purposes of this study is akin to stating “if you don’t count the Armenian Genocide, then no Armenians died during the first World War”. Coincidentally, one of the purveyors of the constant “white vs. Muslim” comparison, Cenk Uygur, is an Armenian Genocide denier himself.

If instances of terrorism can be discounted at will for any or no reason simply to fit the agenda at hand, then there is no end to the potential obscurantism and excuse making.

The study found that “since 9/11”, white supremacists had killed 48 people on American soil compared to 26 killed by Muslims, as of 2015. Not withstanding 9/11, the study was also clearly done before Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, where a Jihadist killed 49 people and Muslims instantly ran away with the lead. When you adjust for that attack, and roll back the clock one day so as to include 9/11, it looks a bit more like this:

Jihadists >3,100 deaths caused by terrorism since 9/10/01

White supremacists <100 deaths caused by terrorism since 9/10/01

Per Capita

Finally, let’s also point out that 63% of the American population is white, and 1% of the population is Muslim. As such, one has to stretch, skew, omit, and selectively edit a study to get 1% of the population’s terrorism offenses under that of the 63% majority, and they are still easily debunked by anyone with very basic critical thinking skills. All of a sudden the same intellectuals who claim blacks are disproportionately shot by police forget what per capita means. Muslims should only be committing 1% of the total terrorism in America. Not 80%, 20%, or even 5%. Unfortunately, there is no amount of lying one could do to get their terrorism resume as bare as it should be.

This is a textbook definition of confirmation bias, and it’s deplorable. The public figures who refer to this comparison most often are not stupid men, but they are dishonest. Reza Aslan is a PhD, Cenk Uygur is an attorney, and so are most of the Hamas affiliates at CAIR. They know what per capita means, and they know that comparing whites to Muslims is a logical fallacy. One has to wonder if they are doing it primarily to advance the Islamist cause while pretending to be secularists, as a means to merely denigrate white people, or both.

A Silver Lining

The good news is there are earnest Muslims (or former Muslims) out there that place their allegiance to the Constitution and to western values before their allegiance to their faith, and who understand there is a unique problem with their faith at this moment in history. People like Maajid Nawaz, Aayan Hirsi Ali, and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser (the former two have been classified as “anti-Muslim extremists” by the radical left wing hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center) are doing great work all over the world.

These are very brave and important people, but it is important to note they are not typically those who the mainstream media deems “moderate Muslims”, who are often just Islamists in disguise. They usually carry another moniker like “reformer”, and can usually be identified as those who are viciously demonized as sellouts and porch monkeys by those same “moderate” Muslims that exhibit virulent anti-white racism.

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