Over the last few weeks I had more free time than usual so I decided to embark on a new journey. I figured I’d try to be with as many women as I can, simultaneously, to see exactly what’s it all about. By “being with” I’m referring to somewhat regular sexual intercourse with all of them, keeping them all emotionally happy (at least to a satisfying degree) and still having time to do something else.

I’m currently seeing four on a regular basis and the only way I’d be able to see more was if I had no job and nothing else to do in my personal life.

With that being said, this article is going to show you how to get and have four “girlfriends”, the difficulties that come with this and how to deal with them.

How To Do It

My plan was simple. It was so simple that it actually worked. Here’s what you need to do. Get yourself to 0 people that you’re having sex with and focus your mind on what’s about to happen. Get some cash and go out almost every day for two weeks.

Depending on how lucky and how much game you have, you could be banging number 1 around the first weekend. The plan basically stipulates absolute best time management. Each night you go out to meet women (clubbing/bars) you will force yourself to get two solid numbers. This means that almost every next day, one of the solid numbers will see you. You can forget about the other one.

You’re whole plan should be going out then going on a “date” the next day. Finish the date, if no sex; go out after she went home. Continue this for a maximum of two weeks and by the end of the second week you’ll be seeing at least six women.

From the first date you’ll be able to quickly gauge how soon a chick will sleep with you. If you know that she’s going to take more than three dates, drop her and go out that night.

My initial plan was to get and keep just three but I ended up with four and said oh well…

The Difficulties

the money

Every dude brags about how cool he is that he’s seeing 99 women but in reality he’s seeing that many women in front of his PC monitor with his pants around his ankles. Anybody that has ever dated more than two girls on a somewhat regular basis will tell you that this shit is freaking hard.

We all know how hard it is to have a girlfriend, well multiply that by four. Sure, you give them all less attention, less interest, less all that. You even tell them that you’re seeing other women but that only makes them want to you more. In truth, seeing this many women will drain your time and resources tremendously.

The Money

The first issue on our list is the money. It will cost you loads. I don’t agree with taking girls on dinner dates (unless they are your official girlfriend) but if you’re going on a “drinks date” almost every night it’s still going to cost you a pretty penny. Yes, you should be paying for her drinks as well and although most of the time they are well-mannered and don’t break the bar (1-2 drinks max), you’ll still be spending A TON (let’s not forget about transport) especially if you like to drink. That being said, once you do get to sleep with them, the costs will go down slightly since you can just meet at your place or hers.

The Time

the time

Time is probably your worst enemy here. All of the girls you’ll be dating won’t have such a full schedule. The thing is, you work till 5-6PM then you need to make sure you’re going to see one of these girls every night. If you don’t, you risk pushing your next meeting too much and if you didn’t spit solid game or didn’t sleep with her yet, that can cost you the chick.

If you’re dating four chicks you want to basically see all of them at least two times a week. Of course that’s going to be impossible which means each week you’ll have to sacrifice seeing 2 of them only once. Why? Well because you need at least 1 day to rest, see your friends etc. You need to mix this pattern up so none of them feel like they’re left out.

To make all of this work, you’re basically going to have to be their very own personal assistant that gets a very good idea of each girl’s schedule. If one of them works a random hours job it’s going to get even harder.

The secret here is to keep a very close eye on their patterns. Taking down notes helps but it’s not really necessary. If the chicks were as organized as you, you could basically plan your stuff for the next four weeks but unfortunately, that’s never going to happen. All dates you’re going to plan are planned at MOST one day before. It’s just the nature of “unavailable” women which are in fact very available but are acting their part.

Texting/Calling Also Takes Time

Even though you’re only seeing these girls every other day, you still need to keep an emotional connection via text or phone calls. To get rid of a chick I like to call her after she’s done with work and talk about everyday things for about 20 mins. Yes, that’s 20 mins per chick, per day. You’re only going to call three of them because you’re going to meet the 4th that night.

Also, because you’ve been spitting hard game, these chicks will start to call/text you themselves. Get ready to decline sex invitations, get ready to “be involved a lot more in your work” and get ready for awkward shit to happen.

The Conversations

the conversations

The stuff you tell them and the stuff they tell you is outstandingly important. You can mix things up so easily that makes the whole thing NOT FUN anymore. Unfortunately, the only way to keep clear tabs on what you said and what she said is to take down notes.

Because every player that wants to sleep with a chick should mold his personality based on her needs and desires, you’re going to be a fairly different person with each of them. When you’re only seeing one chick this really isn’t a problem but when it’s four you best create that persona as close to the real you as possible. This way you’re going to reduce the stuff you have to remember and you’re going to have a much easier time. Sure, it can have bad consequences (chick might not like you) but when you’re seeing this many women, who cares?

Write down what you told each girl and write down the things she says about herself. This is important because you don’t want to repeat yourself nor do you want to assume that she already knew something about you when in fact you told that to someone else. It’s hard but, if you write it down and read it before a date you’ll be fine.

I’ll give you a quick and simple example of how my list is now:

Tall and skinny chick – studies hard for masters, does something about restaurant inspection, is smart, gives me shit, independent woman type, worth it for the sex.

Petite chick – works at Burger King, has random hours, not much in her life, good in bed, hot bod, asks a lot of questions about my other affairs.

Curvy chick – is an accountant, does well with numbers, likes me too much already, will want relationship soon, doesn’t like me seeing other chicks, great sex.

Foreign Chick – studies psychology year two, easy to talk to, laughs at my jokes often, is fairly available most of the time, can’t go to her place, best bod, shy in bed.

You’ll be amazed how just these simple notes are more than enough to make them think that you care about them, especially if you repeat their names in a conversation and then discuss their jobs, uni etc. Do this list again to what you told them about yourself and you should be fine.

*some time ago I saw a dude in New York doing spreadsheets for something like this. The whole thing went public and was a total fail for the dude. If you like spreadsheets, do that but be careful about who gets access to your computer*

The Sex

the sex

The final thing on our list is obviously the sex. All women are different; all women want something more than just you stabbing their insides with your manly part. I don’t take notes here because I easily remember this part since it’s the why I’m doing this whole thing in the first place.

The first two times you meet and have sex you should be exploring her like Columbus. You’ll quickly see what she likes and how she likes it. How much pressure she can take from your fingers, your manhood, how sensitive she is in some areas compared to others etc.

This stuff is important because it’s a major deciding factor in her sleeping with you again, especially after you only saw her once last week.

Ideally, you’ll want to use condoms with all of them. Four regular sexual partners screams STD so be careful. If you think one of them is trustworthy or is on the pill, still consider the consequences and then do as you please.

Ending It

As you can see, dating four women at the same time is seriously hard work. It will drain your time, resources and life in general. If you don’t think this is worth it, don’t do it. I wanted to see how it is. I’m probably going to end it with three of them in a month’s time because I personally can’t do it much longer (can’t decide which yet). With that being said, as far as scoring chicks and being a player, this is still one of the best things I’ve managed to do in my life and I think every dude or self-proclaimed player should at least try to do it once in his life.

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