There’s been an interesting discussion going on here at ROK regarding just how much men should change themselves to have sex or get into a relationship with Western women, as well as where to find those women who would make decent companions. I find that there are two general camps in the debate: the “Western women are not worth it” camp and the “Western women aren’t that bad if you know where to look and how to get them” camp.

In addition, I think there is a specific group of men who are jaded with the current dating scene who aren’t getting the right kind of advice. I will try to go through the issues related to them.

The “Introverts”

First, I think the men who are having a particularly difficult time adapting to the red pill truth tend fall into a specific category. Here, I’m going to deliberately misuse the word “introverted” to describe those men. These are men who are:

  • Average in looks, income, and social status.
  • Tend to spend bulk of their time alone (usually online or with books).
  • Not the most socially engaging as they prefer intellectual discussions over casual chats in a group setting.
  • Too proud to reach out to others or face the possibility of a rejection.
  • “Boring” as in: not well traveled, haven’t done anything exciting with life, don’t do anything that women find fun.
  • In their own bubble, locked in their own belief system, sometimes with a victim mentality which they themselves fail to recognize.

I know what the actual definition of “introverted” is, but I only use it here as it is because I can’t find a good substitute word to describe men with these traits that doesn’t sound belittling. And, for the record, I consider myself one of these introverted types.

Now, the main problem with introverts is that their very personality and lifestyle isn’t the most conducive in attracting women, which in turn causes frustration that induce negativity and make them even more introverted.

So, with that in mind, let’s consider how much these men should sacrifice their true identity to attract women.

1. Women don’t care about your intelligence

The first thing you need to acknowledge and accept as an introvert is that women don’t give a single damn about your intelligence. In fact, identifying yourself an intellectual or making any attempts to draw attention to your supposed higher mental capacity only turns women off.

Most women are not attracted to intelligence for the same reason most men don’t care about a middle-aged woman’s salary when deciding if she’s worth banging. Women want men who can tell good stories and make them laugh, men who can stir and excite them, men who will ignite their fantasies and bring joy to life.

Maybe back in the day they valued and respected intelligent men who were stoic, wise, and contemplative, but this is the 21st century (I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of these introverts have a nostalgia for the past). That’s the harsh truth. So, if your knowledge of history, politics, and philosophy is the only thing you bring to the table, you can’t complain about the lack of interest you spark in women.

2. Women don’t care about your politics

Legend says that she’ll fall in love with you once you watch all her videos and click the ‘like’ button for all of them.

Similarly, some of these introverted men seem to think that women should come to appreciate the fact that they’re battling in the cyberworld to preserve their civilization. In case you forgot to take your daily dose of red pills, here it is: WOMEN DON’T CARE. A man’s political views are usually far below a woman’s list of priorities when she’s deciding whether she should sleep with him or not. She’s not interested in having sex to advance her race or culture.

Also, even when a woman does share your non-leftist political views, it doesn’t mean anything. Women will not stick with their own team for they only care about getting the best man that’s out there. Heck, they’ll even sleep with the enemy if it means enjoying the novelty experience of having an exotic cock or advancing their own, self-perceived social status.

And even when a woman does decide to date only within her own ideological or racial camp, she’s still going to choose based on the man’s masculine value rather than his knowledge or dedication to some cause.

3. You must figure out where you draw the line

All men have a different point where they draw the line when it comes to women. On one extreme, we have PUA’s who will do just about everything to dance around women to get in their pants, and on the other, we have the MGTOW’s who will do absolutely nothing for women. Ideally, women should meet you at the halfway point, but we must accept that that is becoming increasingly more difficult in today’s Western world.


Where you draw the line is up to you, but the caveat is that you should make that line very clear for yourself and for the women you meet. For example, I’m willing to work on myself and make enough effort to attract women, but I will absolutely not be some blabbering monkey-boy who lives to amuse the females. Man has his dignity and I’m not going to be a walking entertainment box just to get laid.

4. Understand the difference between Western women and foreign women

This sort of exaggeration doesn’t help anyone.

I don’t even know why there’s even a debate on this. Some of the more bitter debates appear to be rationalization efforts than anything productive. I think the general consensus is that foreign women are less corrupt and more feminine than their Western counterparts, but that the AWALT rule applies when it comes to biology. Besides that, do whatever works for you—no point debating whether women on one side of the Earth are better than the other.

5. Ignore unhelpful help

A few years ago, I read a piece from Mark Manson’s Models about being completely honest and open about your feelings and intentions. And there was no advice stupider that I ever took seriously. With how superficial today’s Western women are, they just don’t care about men being open and honest with them, and they certainly don’t care for men’s feelings. Unless you’re a naturally funny guy, women will actually get freaked out if you display any form of genuine human emotion.

It’s no secret that Western women are mainly attracted to a man’s entertainment value. If an introverted man decides to be himself and acts all moody like some tragic Byronic hero, women will be repelled by him (and trust me, I’ve tried). Unless a woman finds him attractive in other ways to begin with, she has no reason to fall for the introverted guy over the more “fun” guys. And that’s the thing: Women only care about your feelings if she’s already drawn to you, women only want a man to be honest with her when she’s already invested in him. But trying to attract women by being upfront from the get-go will not help the introverts at all other than resulting in rejections that only reinforce their negativity.

Next, there seems to be a group of men who give advice from a position of success who are: more outgoing, naturally good-looking and masculine (likely with the guidance of a strong father), financially successful, usually older than the introverts who tend to be under 30, and so on who have all the right intentions, but fail to actually inspire the introverts. If anything, these men almost come across as being patronizing when they offer advice with the way they describe how easy it is to get a line of women begging them for sex. They’re simply out of touch with the daily experiences of the introverts who live in a completely different world.

At this point, I would say that having a relatively older, high status man telling the younger, introverted types how to find decent women is as unhelpful as some Hollywood pretty boy telling the commoners that all you need to do is smile and be nice to women. Because the fact is, the introverts are usually too stubborn to change and, even with the best efforts, any advice given is practically useless. Many of the men who struggle in the dating market need some serious personal coaching to start seeing results; the Internet can only do so much.

Three real and practical advice for the “introverts”

“I will eventually find my Aryan princess.”

So what are some real and practical advice for the introverted types who may be stuck in the negativity loop? That should be a subject for a whole new article, so here are some basic pointers to get started with:

1. Decide whether you’re actually serious about finding a suitable woman (or women) for sex and relationship. If you decide to forgo women as a whole, then that’s it, you don’t get to complain anymore about how horrible Western women have become. You can’t say you don’t care for Western (or white) women while secretly hoping to find a unicorn, only to have your negativity repel potential mates, and use that experience as a justification to not make the effort, then to tell everyone else about it.

2. Once you’ve decided that you actually want to attract women, forget about all the pick-up material for now because knowledge is not your problem. Instead, what you need to work on most is being more social and spontaneous. To start, get off the Internet and meet more people, expand your social circle, and start doing more extroverted activities. Merely being able to hold a basic conversation won’t be enough—especially if you live in the West. Your social skills need to be at a level where people enjoy spending their time with you.

3. Consider relocating to find different women from the ones you are used to—it might even be helpful to leave the country. Some may automatically utter some sort of an excuse to reject this option, but if that is the case, then there’s nothing more that can be said. You’re just back to the same old.

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