Women, it is frequently said, now enjoy almost limitless complimentary sexual attention from men every day of their lives, not only from those who make their desires known in person, but also from the hordes of slack-jawed, wild-eyed, thirsty chumps on social media and Tinder.

Men, too, have many options—it’s just that they are not so readily revealed to us. But through the advance of the ever-more refined technologies of daygame men in large cities and towns can also have varied and interesting dating lives if they maximise their exposure to the sexual marketplace. The best way of doing this? Whether you currently have an abundance of options or not, ensure that you approach women every single day.

The Playing Field is Not Even

Lest I am ever lulled into the false sense that the dating market is an equal-opportunity space for both genders, I am frequently presented with a real-life reminder that explodes my naivety, demonstrating precisely how easy women have it, and how adroitly they play the game. Put simply, a women will always ensure that she is equipped with many options.

This week I met a cute Italian girl—an 8 on my scale—through a day game approach in Central London that had been sparky and charged. Let’s call her Julia. We’d exchanged a few WhatsApp messages throughout the day and things seemed to be going well.

I messaged her yesterday evening to see what she was doing (and to see whether I could arrange an impromptu meet-up). Here’s a transcript of our ensuing conversation:

Troy: You out partying tonight or behaving yourself?

Julia: On a blind date (that emoticon where the creature is covering its eyes) it’s not good lol

Troy: Need rescuing? 😉

Julia: Haha I can’t leave yet that’s harsh

Troy: Give it another ten then. I’m in Chelsea. You?

Julia: Greenwich 🙁 Never been here before. Won’t be returning lol

Troy: You definitely need to get an Uber into town 😉

Julia: Come pick me up 😉 Disaster.com

Now bear in mind, she’s messaging me, a random guy who chatted her up on the street the day before, while actually out on a date with this poor buffoon. Presumably he didn’t suspect a thing, happy merely to have been set up with such a cute girl, oblivious to her digital hypergamous treachery.

The truth is that girls are doing this kind of thing all the time and why not? Guys do the same thing too, provided they have sufficient options. This is where the requirement for continual approaching comes into play.

Approach One Girl A Day

Back in 2013 Roosh published what became a seminal post entitled One Approach A DayYou should make the effort to read it in its entirety, but its key message is that, while one approach a day is a harder habit to implement than it might initially sound, its one whose benefits are exponential, including lowered approach anxiety, tighter game, less dependence on alcohol to talk to women and more interactions with women. As with most things in life, a dogged persistence in the face of adversity is necessary:

Tomorrow when you wake up, I want you to figure out how you’re going to do one approach. Just one. Then the day after that, I want you to do another approach. And then keep going. If one day you have a horrible fever, you’ll have to do your approach on the way to the pharmacy. If you got a date, you’ll have to arrive earlier and do it on the street. There are no exceptions. It’s a tough habit, but you’ll be more than pleased at the results.

One of the most common objections I get when I tell men that they should always ensure that their pipeline of potential girls is full and healthy at all times is along the lines of “who has the time to do that” or “don’t you have anything better to do with you time?” And indeed, as with any task, the thought that loads of time-zapping effort is required to generate an abundance of women is understandably enough to put any guy off.


But Roosh’s simply formulation shows that there is no need to worry. One approach should take little more than five minutes out of your day if that. You don’t even need to amend your regular routine. They key thing is that you commit to executing the plan and you stick to it.

My Current Day Game Strategy

My current day game strategy, and one which I would recommend other guys looking to widen their net of opportunities try too, is as follows. Inspired by Roosh, during the week when I’m busy with work I adhere to the one approach a day (minimum) rule. At the weekends when I have more time and anyway am committed to engaging in game in order to create meaningful and authentic content around the subject I do ten approaches (minimum) per day.

In an average week, then, by performing the minimum I’ve committed to I rack up 25 approaches (1 x 5 + 10 + 10 = 25). In a month that will be 100 approaches (25 x 4 = 100). Over the whole year 1200 (100 x 12 = 1200).

Bear in mind that this is based on me working at a lower intensity than I could so that I have time for writing and my other work.

Think about that for a moment, though. On an average month, without much undue adjustment to my already busy strategy, I’m interacting with 100 new girls. Now contrast that with the average Joe you know from the office or the bar. How many new women do you think he’s meeting?

The Benefits Of Daily Approaching

There are several distinct benefits to this pattern of approaching. The first is that (in advertising terms) my one-a-day weeks give me frequency of impact while my weekend session give me (relative) mass exposure. Basically, I’m covering a lot of ground. The second is that I am always maintaining momentum, both on a meta and a micro level. That is to say, if I’ve approached a girl in a coffee shop yesterday I’m going to be more comfortable doing so today, which in my extended weekend sessions I enjoy the build-up in momentum you naturally get over the course of ten approaches.

The third benefit is that I don’t get too attached to the outcome of any interaction with an individual girl. Why should I? After all, I know that tomorrow I’m going to hit on another who might be hotter. The surprising thing here is that even if you are getting rejected (and you will be) your overall sense of abundance is still increased as your eyes are opened to the sheer number of girls there are out there.

The final benefit, of course, is that the more you operate this kind of system, the better and smoother your interactions become and the more confident and daring you are. It’s a virtuous cycle. After all, with other skills such as writing, music or sports daily practice is also recommended.

Confront Abundance With Abundance

As my WhatsApp conversation with Julia demonstrates, women are playing the game too and they’re awash with abundance. Why not give yourself that same advantage? All you have to do is approach at least one woman every day.

So what are you waiting for?

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