I frequently get guys coming to me with questions about girls they are dating, or would like to date. Sometimes it might be a girl who they met through day or night game—they’ve managed to get a telephone number but the girl is either not responding to his messages or she’s being evasive.

What they all want to know is—what is the answer? What trick or tip do you have for me to get this one particular girl? What they fail to realise is that in many cases there is no answer other than ruthlessness and having a bunch of other options to fall back on.

Harsh But True


The sexual marketplace in 2017 is like the Wild West—no regulation, no protectionism and no right of appeal. Girls are literally swamped with options to a degree that has never been seen before in the history of the world. There is very little incentive for them to respond to you, much less treat you with any respect or as though you have any inherent value.

Think about this—if you were a hot girl back in 1990 then you would have a decent number of admirers like guys from school, the gym, whatever. That same girl would have the same plus a whole host of new thirsty guys after her through the dating sites. But in 2017, with social media and Tinder (plus Happn, Bumble etc)—that girl is blowing up with options. For you to break through the noise and actually sleep with her you need to have something pretty special going for you.

Highly Inflated SMV


Roosh just released an excellent podcast called The Death of Night Game which I recommend anyone reading this listens to. In it, he describes in detail how the phenomena of social media and dating apps have inflated average women’s perception of their own SMV (sexual market value) to an absurd degree.

Today, a girl who is a 7 by any objective standard will get so many matches on Tinder (plus glances from men at work, in the gym, and likes on Instagram pictures) that she will likely regard herself as an 8 at least. This will only be exacerbated by the probability that she has received likes and matches from men in the 8+ bracket who are either willing to ‘slum it’ for a night or who are spamming in the hope of an easy lay.

What this means for you is that it is now becoming significantly more difficult for a man to date a girl who is of equal SMV as himself. So if you are a 7, in many cases you will find yourself being rejected by women in that same bracket who ten years ago would probably have slept with you.

By the way, whether or not the 7 in question is actually getting those hotter guys is almost immaterial—it is the way that the online approaches from hotter guys make her feel that makes the difference. Just as the financial markets is extremely sensitive to confidence, so is the sexual marketplace. Just the thought that she could conceivably get a 9 may be enough for an average girl to turn a guy equal to her in SMV down.

Game Is Getting Tougher


Against this backdrop there is little doubt that game is tougher than it was a decade ago. On the plus side, hopefully the analysis above shows that if you are getting blow-outs it’s not necessarily entirely your ‘fault’. There are wider socio-technological factors at play.


But if the game is getting tougher on a macro scale then you need to get tougher too. What that means in practice is you should maintain a laser focus on your sexual goals and not waste your time engaging in any behaviours or activities that won’t get you closer to them.

Create Abundance


The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you have abundance. By that, I don’t mean an abundance of girls you are sleeping with necessarily. What I mean is you should always maintain a healthy pipeline of girls who you are talking too—of prospects, if you like.

How do you do that? Well firstly, if you haven’t already done so you need to learn the rudiments of game. There are many resources available to help you with that, not least this website. Then, you need to develop an ABC attitude—always be closing. Wherever you are, at whatever time of day or night, you need to be aware of attractive women around you and ready to approach.

Keep your approaches short and sweet. In most cases your aim in each approach is to get her telephone number so you can add her on WhatsApp, or failing that her Facebook details.

Once you have her contact information then she is in the ‘funnel’ with the other girls you are working on. It is at this point that ‘text game’ becomes key—again, there are plenty of resources available out there to get you started.

Be Ruthless


When you start getting girls into your pipeline your aim is to get them to meet you for an alcoholic drink. Don’t attempt any other kind of date. Going for ice cream or boat rides or afternoon tea may seem cute but they won’t get you laid. And in 2017 it is only by actually sleeping with a girl that you differentiate yourself slightly from all the other orbiters in her smart phone.

You need to get to sex as quickly as possible.

Any girl who prevaricates about meeting up, keeps breaking dates or who attempts to friendzone you must be deleted and blocked from your phone immediately. If she’s coy about coming out on the date then she’s playing the market, as simple as that. Next her. If she tries to put you in the ‘friends’ box then remember that you have no time or appetite and next her. If she flakes on you or cancels a date at the last minute then next her. Next her even if she is super hot, a model, gives amazing blow jobs or comes from an amazingly wealthy family or whatever.

Remember: poor female behaviour should be punished and in any case, you are a high-value man who goes for what he wants and doesn’t have time for games.

In Summary

When any marketplace suffers from a contraction the only option for those suffering is to double down, focus exclusively on their targets, pitch relentlessly and avoid any silliness or time-wasting. With the sexual marketplace in the state that it is right now, this is doubly true for those man hoping for a fulfilling sexual and romantic life in 2017.

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