A lot of game content concerns itself with rejections and rejection-handling. The assumption behind most of it is that pick-up is a binary activity—that you either pull the girl or you are rejected and that there is nothing in between. Most of the time this is the case. However, there are sometimes occasions when a brush off can mean “not now” rather than “never.” If you are looking to take your seduction skills to the next level it is important to learn to recognise these scenarios and play them to your advantage through “long game.”

Girls Who Rejected Me That I Later Slept With

Disclaimer: I didn't actually sleep with Bar Rafaeli, but you get the idea

Disclaimer: I didn’t actually sleep with Bar Rafaeli, but you get the idea

When I think back through my game career, a number of girls come to mind who rejected me at first, only to have sex with me at a later date. I’ll relate a couple of these anecdotes now.

The first concerns a stripper called Kelly who I met out at a club. Having seen her before at this particular event and admired her all-but perfect body, I approached her and introduced myself. However, it turned out she was with another guy who was hovering nearby. After I’d chatted to her for a moment or so (she was perfectly friendly) this guy came over and told me in no uncertain terms to get lost. An argument ensued when I told him to mind his own business. Later, I saw the girl alone at the bar and chatted to her again. She told me politely but firmly to “have a good night.” I got the message and moved on to other targets.

A couple of weeks later, though, I saw Kelly again in another club. Undeterred by what had happened I approached her and chatted her up once more. This time she was more receptive. She was waiting for the guy but she had a little time—he wasn’t here yet. This time we ended up making out and she gave me her phone number.

This presaged a season of “long game” where I pinged Kelly on WhatsApp from time to time, sometimes receiving an encouraging reply, sometimes getting no response at all. I kept up the cocky-funny messages periodically, though, while enjoying other girls in the meantime. Eventually, Kelly came through, agreeing to my suggestion of drinks. We met up on a Thursday evening and had one cocktail before going back to my place for a night of sex.

Another example of this same phenomenon is an ex-LTR of mine, Becky. I first met Becky when she was a student based at a University near to me in London. I’d cold approached her in the street, she’d given me her number and we had gone on a couple of dates. She had not, however, been prepared to come back to my place or otherwise move things forward. Again, there was a period of ‘long game’ where I pinged her from occasionally and she would reply. Finally, she invited me out to a party with her friends, which I attended. Later that evening we ended up in bed for the first time. We proceeded to date for over two years.

How To Tell If She Likes You Despite Rejecting You



The lesson from these two stories is that not all rejections are equal. Of course, most of the time when as girl holds her hand up in your face when you approach her in the bar it’s a signal that she is not interested. However, there are other situations where a girl may turn you down ‘for now’, but would be willing to reconsider at a later date. The bad news is that it takes skill and experience to differentiate between the two. The good news is that it’s not rocket science, and if you can get her contact details then you will at least have a chance of reigniting things later.

The anecdote above concerning Kelly is the more recent of the two. By that time my social awareness was very highly tuned, so I could tell almost by a sixth sense that she was interested in me even as she turned me down. It was, I think, revealed most strongly in the gentle way in which she told me to ‘have a good night’ at the first club. While it was certainly a brush off, her tone of voice intimated on a barely discernible level that she was slightly regretful all the same. But although I tried to number-close her that night, to be honest it was sheer luck that I bumped into her again later at another venue.

With Becky—well, I knew she was at least attracted to me since we had made out several times. But that in itself was no guarantee that she would eventually part with her underwear for me. But given that there was at least a small glimmer of hope I stayed in contact with her on social media while pursuing other conquests elsewhere.

Always Be Playing “Long Game” With A Select Few Girls

The very last thing I want to accomplish with this article is to encourage guys who are engaged in lengthy, oneitus-fuelled attempts to pull “that one special girl.” That’s not what I’m getting at here at all. As I’ve made clear, in the vast majority of cases if a girl makes it known that she is not interested in you then she is not interested, and you should next her and move onto a more receptive prospect.

That said, if you have a near-miss with a girl who you feel might be interested were it not for circumstances (a boyfriend, exams, living in a different timezone or whatever) then by all means keep hitting her up on social media periodically and trying your luck. You have nothing to lose and it could very well pay off.

My top tip here is to ensure that your messages remain brief, humorous and sexualised. Don’t, whatever you do, fall into the trap of sending dull, vanilla missives about how she is doing, what’s happening with your job, etc. No. Your aim is to remain on her radar as a fun, exciting sexual option so that when the right window presents itself (she gets dumped by her boyfriend, she visits your city for a business trip) then you will be the one she reaches out for first.

Whatever you do though, make sure that your long-game is practised in the background and doesn’t get in the way of approaching fresh new prospects. Remember, the chances of a long-game prospect coming off are comparatively low, so keep filling your pipeline regardless. At the same time, if you sense that there is “unfinished business” between you and a girl you’ve met, it takes hardly any time to send her the odd flirty message, and you never know where things might lead.

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