I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Well, more of a hunch–but keep reading, and see if you agree with me.

HUNCH 1: Most men do not start to learn game so that they can bang hundreds of girls.

HUNCH 2: Most men start to learn game because they want a girlfriend.

HUNCH 3: Sometimes, men get really good at game and then end up banging lots of girls.

FINAL HUNCH: Often times, that desire for a girlfriend resurfaces, or just never went away.

There’s nothing wrong with relationships. But, many men are now are very “anti-relationship,” and I see why. It’s because most girls are not worthy of a dinner out, much less a commitment. If you want something serious, you have to learn how to screen girls and be ruthless about it.

The few that are worthy of it are often taken. Those girls who are not worthy of it need to be screened out and moved aside. Sure, keep them around as casual flings.

But a relationship? Something you invest your time, energy, money, and soul into? Only a very select girls are worthy of that. And yes, you are far more likely to find this kind of girl in a place like Russia than you are in the West. However, it’s important to remember that game is universal. Learning how to screen a girl properly, before you get sucked into an LTR with her, is one of the most important skills a man can have.

1. Evaluate Her Feminine Side


This is a broad subject, so let’s start here. Generally speaking, the more feminine a girl, the higher quality she will be. You will get along better with her—this assumes that you’re a masculine and confident fella.

Does she rest her head on your shoulder and look up to you? Are you her pillar of strength? Feminine girls are by nature, more fragile. This does not mean high-maintenance. A feminine girl derives her strength from your presence. Just being in your arms makes her feel safe and secure, no matter how rotten her day has been.

A girl who chooses to be in a sour mood over her bad day, and pushes it off on you, is not a feminine girl. A feminine girl looks merely for your presence for her comfort.

2. Her Domestic Skills

Does she cook?

Does she clean?

Those are signs of wanting to please you, as well as unselfishness–both of which are positive. However, not all girls have these skills–and that’s okay. Perhaps their moms were masculine ball-busters who failed to show them a feminine side. However, if she knows that you appreciate those kind of domestic skills and then makes the effort to learn them, then you may have one worth keeping around.

When it comes to how to screen a girl, her domestic skills often go hand-in-hand with how feminine she is (see #1).

Most men will be far happier in life building a business, making decisions, and dealing with the “manly stuff” of the house (changing oil, mowing lawns, etc.). Leave the kitchen and cleaning to the ladies.

If she’s happy with that arrangement, everybody wins.

3. The Way She Looks At You


Admittedly, this requires you to have a reasonable amount of past experiences with girls.

But think back to past relationships, or casual flings. There is often a feeling of just going through the motions–when those girls look at you, it’s just normal. A girl who is falling in love with you and is a high-quality girl simply has this look and glow in her eyes every time she sees you. It’s a mix of passion, respect, and well—love.

It should feel like a bit like there is just you two and no one else in the world. It’s very difficult to explain, but when you see it, you’ll know.

It’s simple: many girls today are simply unable to bond. Especially in the West (not so much when you venture to other places). The copious amount of dick they have taken in their life have rendered them against this. Their “new” nature stops them from giving you “that look”.

They are simply not able to feel something so deep. But when you see it, you’ll know you have a quality girl on your hands.

4. What Do Your Friends Think Of Her Personality?

If other men are impressed with your girl from a personality standpoint, you are heading in the right direction. All friends are going to tell you if your girl is hot (assuming she is), but if they rave about who she is at a person, it’s gold.


Bring her around your friends and see how she acts.

Needless to say, if she gets hammered drunk and shamelessly flirts with them, that’s your sign. However, if she’s able to keep a conversation going, say a few clever things, and doesn’t cave to the social pressure—you can feel good about your choice. If they scream that she’s a gold digger and a red flag, listen to your friends. They’ll usually be correct.

5. What Are Her Interests And Hobbies?


I’ll make this one real simple.

A girl who is passionate about having tequila shots done out of her belly button is probably not a high-quality girl you want to get in an LTR with.

A girl who is passionate about feminist rights and marches in protest with her tits hanging out is not a girl you want to get in an LTR with.

A girl who is passionate about twerking to rap and hip-hop music is probably not a girl you want to get in an LTR with.

So what hobbies are good?

It’s important not to throw a blanket statement on this one.

Generally speaking, hobbies that are superior alternatives to the ones above include: reading, artsy stuff (painting, poetry, writing, singing, knitting), cooking or baking, fitness activities, nature, animals (a genuine love for them, not activating for PETA), or simply spending lots of time with her family.

As a side note, tread carefully with the girls who claim to have masculine hobbies like watching football. For whatever reason, there’s usually something a bit “off” with them. It’s still a better alternative to tequila belly shots.

6. Her Family


This one is real easy, simply observe her family. Are they a traditional family unit like you’d find in a place like Ukraine, or a new modern-age bunch?

What are her parents like–does her mom walk all over her dad? Does she have a healthy respect for her father, or is she reeling in daddy issues? It should be noted that, especially with younger girls, she may not “like” her dad (at times). The respect is the most important part.

The funny thing is that this is probably the easiest way to screen a girl of them all. But so many men ignore the giant sign that says, “ENTER WITH EXTREME CAUTION.”

If she shit-talks her dad, or worse–has no relationship at all with him–it’s almost always safe to assume that she’s going to have some issues, and probably isn’t a girl who is worthy of an LTR with you.

7. How Does She Stack Up?


Remember what I wrote in the beginning of this article?

HUNCH: Most men do not start to learn Game so that they can bang hundreds of girls.

HUNCH: Most men start to learn Game because they want a girlfriend.

HUNCH: Sometimes, men get really good at Game and then end up banging lots of girls (that’s more or less my story, heh).

FINAL HUNCH: Often times, that desire for a girlfriend resurfaces, or just never went away.

Assuming you have gone on the path of learning Game and still want a girlfriend–simply ask yourself how she compares to the other girls that you’re either dating or have dated.

Now, if your past includes a stripper and a heroin addict, then that’s not a fair measuring stick. You can’t screen her based off of her being higher quality than them. However, assuming you have dated a couple of normal girls, ask yourself who the cream of the crop is. Does the one you’re screening go above and beyond what the rest of them do?

Does she meet the criteria laid out in this article?

If not, it may be time to say goodbye. Remember that the eyes don’t lie.

Want to learn more details about screening for high-quality girls? Check out The Harem Handbook. For more travel, game, and digital nomad advice, take a listen to my podcast Troublesome Radio.

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